Correlation analysis of two Skewed Dipoles using embedded beam patterns

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In this paper, the correlation coefficients of skewed dipole arrays for antenna diversity are theoretically analyzed for each polarization characteristic and in various propagation environments. The correlation is not simply increased by two closely located antennas with different polarization characteristics, nor is it decreased by increasing the distance between the antennas. This is interpreted from the correlation analysis of two skewed dipoles with different polarization characteristics. The embedded beam patterns of the two skewed dipoles are calculated using the mutual impedances derived using the effective length vector (ELV) method; then, the mutually coupled correlation coefficients for θ, φ, and total polarizations are effectively derived. The correlations are also analyzed for various realistic propagation environments using statistical channel models with angular density functions, and cross polarization discriminations (XPDs). Finally, this paper provides an effective correlation analysis for two dipoles and proposes an optimal geometry for two skewed dipoles in various propagation environments for each polarization characteristic with environmental variables. © 2018, Electromagnetics Academy. All rights reserved.
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Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, v.86, pp.137 - 152

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