Dimetyl Ether(DME)의 증발과 거시적 분무 특성Macroscopic Characteristics of Evaporating Dimethyl Ether(DME) Spray

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Dimethyl Ether (DME) has been considered as one of the most attractive alternative fuels for compression ignition engine. Its main advantage in diesel engine application is high efficiency of diesel cycle with soot free combustion though conventional fuel injection system has to be modified due to the physical properties of DME. Experimental study of DME and conventional diesel spray employing a common-rail type fuel injection system with a 5-hole sac type injector was performed in a constant volume vessel pressurized by nitrogen gas. Spray cone angles and penetrations of the DME spray were characterized and compared with those of diesel. For evaluation of the evaporating characteristics of the DME, shadowgraphy technique employing an Ar-ion laser and an ICCD camera was adopted. Tip of the DME spray was formed in mushroom-like shape at atmospheric chamber pressure, which disappeared in higher chamber pressure. Spray tip penetration and spray cone angle of the DME became similar to those of diesel under 3MPa of chamber pressure. Higher injection pressure provided wider vapor phase area while it decreased with higher chamber pressure condition.
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Dimethyl ether(DME); Sac type injector; Spray cone angle; Spray tip penetration; Evaporating characteristics


Transactions of the Korean Society of Automotive Engineers, Vol.11, No.3, pp.58-64

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