SUS304계열 강판의 동적인장특성Dynamic tensile characteristics of SUS304L steel sheets

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This paper deals with the dynamic tensile characteristics of the steel sheets for structural members of a train. Train accidents occurs rarely but lead to many casualties and economical loss. Therefore the safety of the train becomes important during the train crash. The dynamic tensile characteristics of the steel sheets are indispensable to analyze the structural crashworthiness. Current research reports the stress-strain curves, fracture elongation and strain rate sensitivities evaluated at the various strain rates especially for SUS304L-ST and SUS304L-LT steel sheets. The results include the difference in the dynamic tensile characteristics of both rolling and transverse directions. Dynamic tensile tests were performed at the strain rates ranging from 0.003/sec to 200/sec using High Speed Material Testing Machine. The materials tested in this research shows interesting behavior at the low strain rates. The strain hardening exponent decreases remarkably while the yield strength increases.
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Stainless steel; High speed material testing machine; Rolling direction; Transverse direction; Dynamic tensile characteristics


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