Enhancing cycle lives of rechargeable Lithium-Air batteries : an integrated approach = 통합적 접근법을 이용한 리튬-공기 이차전지의 수명특성 향상에 관한 연구 an integrated approach

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Although rechargeable lithium-oxygen ($Li-O_2$) batteries have attracted much attention due to their outstanding gravimetric energy densities, the practical applications of this promising energy system have been impeded by a number of technical issues such as low efficiency, poor cycle life, and instability of cell components. In particular, the parasitic reactions involving the degradation of air-cathode materials or electrolyte are strongly associated with the performances of $Li-O_2$ batteries. Furthermore, the destabilization of the Li metal interface by crossover water and oxygen from the air-cathode side can also cause as fatal degradation for the cycle life as the irreversibility of the air-cathode. Thus, robust materials which can endure radical attack and chemical degradation as well as protective layer for Li metal should be introduced for stable $Li-O_2$ batteries. To resolve these issues, in spite of our previous research related to electrolyte, here, it reports that 1) well-dispersed $Pt_3Co$ catalysts can reduce charging overpotential significantly, 2) racial scavengers can suppress the radical attack toward cell components such as electrolyte and air-cathode, resulting in increased cycling performance, 3) cheap poreless polyurethane separator can effectively suppress oxygen crossover while allowing Li ions to diffuse through selectively leading to enhanced lifespan of Li metal anode, and 4) carbon-free mesoporous TiN cathode combined with redox mediator and polyurethane separator can show stable cycling performance by alleviating carbon-induced decomposition and Li metal destabilization during cell operations. This dissertation provides a message that the problem should be viewed in a systematic manner to resolve the issues from all of the cell components, and an integrated approach should be introduced to improve the cycle lives of $Li-O_2$ batteries.
Choi, Jang Wookresearcher최장욱researcher
한국과학기술원 :EEWS대학원,
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학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : EEWS대학원, 2017.2,[xiii, 113 p. :]


Radical scavenger; Polydopamine; Polyurethane; Poreless separator; Titanium nitride; Mesoporous structure; Redox mediator; Li-air batteries; 라디칼 스케빈져; 폴리도파민; 폴리우레탄; 무기공 분리막; 질화 티타늄; 다공성 구조; 산화환원 중계물질; 리튬-공기 전지; 리튬-산소 전지

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