Hydroisomerization of n-hexadecane over Pt/al-MCM-41 catalysts: Two different Al incorporation methods

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The hydroisomerization of n-hexadecane was carried out over Pt/A1-MCM-41 catalysts at 350~ and 103 bar. A1-MCM-41 was prepared by two different methods; a direct sol-gel method (Pre) and a post-grafting method (Post). A1-MCM-41 was characterized by using XRD, nitrogen adsorption, 27A1 NMR and ammonia TPD. The higher the amount of acid sites was, the higher the reactivity and isomer yield were. Pt/A1-MCM-41-Post showed higher conversions and higher isomerization yield than Pt/A1-MCM-41-Pre. Reaction results did not agree with A1-NMR data but with ammonia TPD. This difference was attributed to the better accessibility of tetrahedral sites (Broensted acid sites) in AI-MCM-41-Post than those in A1-MCM-41-Pre.
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