Laminations on the circle and convergence groups

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dc.contributor.authorBaik, Hyungryulko
dc.identifier.citationTopological and Homological Methods in Group Theory-
dc.description.abstractA discrete group of circle homeomorphisms is a Fuchsian group if and only if it is a convergence group (this is due to Tukia, Casson-Jungreis, Gabai, ...). We show that the convergence property can also be characterized in terms of invariant laminations on the circle, so this gives a new characterization of Fuchsian groups. We also discuss what can be said about fibered hyperbolic 3-manifold groups. The main motivation of the work is Thurston´s universal circle theory.-
dc.publisherBielefeld University-
dc.titleLaminations on the circle and convergence groups-
dc.citation.publicationnameTopological and Homological Methods in Group Theory-
dc.identifier.conferencelocationBielefeld University-
dc.contributor.localauthorBaik, Hyungryul-
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