A Discrete Geometry Framework for Geometrical Product Specifications

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GeoSpelling as the basis of the Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) standard [1] enables a comprehensive modeling framework and an unambiguous language to describe geometrical variations during the overall product life cycle. This is accomplished by providing a set of concepts and operations based on the fundamental concept of the “Skin Model”. However, the definition of GeoSpelling has not been successfully completed. This paper presents a novel approach for a formal description of GeoSpelling concepts. In addition to mapping fundamental concepts and operations to discrete geometry objects, we investigate the use of Monte Carlo Simulation techniques for skin model simulation when considering geometrical specifications. The results of the skin model simulations and visualizations are shown and the performances of the described simulation methods are compared to each other.
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Geometrical Product Specifications; GeoSpelling; Discrete geometry; Skin model; Multi-Gaussian distribution; Gibbs sampling


21st CIRP Design Conference

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Proceedings of the 21st CIRP Design Conference
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