Driving method and circuit for automatic voltage output of active matrix organic light emitting device and data drive circuit using the same액티브 매트릭스 유기발광소자의 자동 전압 출력 구동 방법 및 회로와 이를 이용한 데이터 구동 회로

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Disclosed herein is a driving method and circuit for the automatic voltage output of an active matrix organic light emitting device, which is capable of resolving the non-uniformity of brightness between pixels. The circuit of the present invention includes timing generation means for generating a data drive start signal; sweep voltage generation means for generating a sweep voltage signal in response to output of the timing generation means; current level detection means for sensing an amount of current, which flows into pixels, based on output of the sweep voltage generation means, and outputting a sensing result to a data line; comparison means for comparing output of the current level detection means with a reference signal that determines stop timing for data writing, and outputting a comparison result; and data writing start/end control signal generation means for starting to operate in response to the output of the timing generation means, and generating data writing start and end control signals to a program stop line of a display panel. The invention can shorten data writing time and improve the precision of data writing. Furthermore, the present invention can simplify a data drive circuit and achieve the uniformity of brightness between pixels.
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