Method for producing SiC preform with high volume fraction고부피분율 탄화규소 예비성형체의 제조방법

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Disclosed is a method for producing an SiC preform of a high volume fraction used for the manufacture of a metal matrix composite. The method involves the steps of mixing SiC particles of different particle sizes each selected from a range of 0.2 to 48 .mu.m with an organic binder, an inorganic binder, an aggregating agent, and distilled water, thereby producing a mixture, and stirring the mixture in accordance with a ball milling process, thereby producing a slurry containing the SiC particles, pouring the slurry containing the SiC particles into a mold having upper and lower molds respectively provided with absorbent bodies, and squeezing the slurry in the mold, thereby reducing a residual moisture content of the slurry, completely drying the slurry reduced in residual moisture content, thereby producing an SiC preform, and calcinating the SiC preform. The preform is impregnated with a metal matrix while maintaining a high reinforcement volume fraction of 70 vol % or more. Accordingly, this preform can be widely used for fundamental materials of metal matrix composites used to manufacture electronic packaging components and aerospace components requiring a low thermal expansion coefficient and a high thermal conductivity.
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