Learning Input Shaping Technique for Non-LTI Systems

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It is well known that conventional Input Shaping Technique (IST)is not very effective in suppressing residual vibrations for non-LTI systems, such as substantially nonlinear or time-varying systems. In an effort to increase the effectiveness such systems, this paper presents Learning Input Shaping Technique (LIST) which iteratively updates the parameters of IST from previous trials. Simulations are presented for four different cases: (1) when the natural frequency or damping of a system is not estimated well; (2) when a system has time varying vibration; (3) when a system has nonlinear flexibility; and (4) when a closed-loop system includes a saturation element in the loop. LIST is experimented on a six D.O.F industrial robot to evaluate its effectiveness. The results of the simulations and the experiment show that the residual vibrations become considerably smaller as iteration goes on, thereby demonstrating the effectiveness of LIST.
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Proceedings of the American Control Conference

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