Gene analysis method using SDL-PCRSDL-PCR을 이용한 유전자 분석방법

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The present invention relates to a method for analyzing genes using SDL-PCR (separation of displaced ligation probe-based PCR), and more particularly to a method for analyzing genes using SDL-PCR, in which probes comprising a nucleotide sequence complementary to the gene of interest are ligated with each other by ligase, and another probe capable of hybridizing to the probes is hybridized and extended, thereby preparing a template probe, and the template probe for the gene of interest is amplified using universal primers. According to the SDL-PCR method of the present invention, non-specific amplification can be minimized by removing non-ligated probes or genomic DNA using a tag, and separation can be achieved within a shorter time compared to a separation method that is performed using exonuclease. In addition, ligation, separation and polymerase chain reaction processes can be performed in a single solution in a single tube, and thus a plurality of genes can be amplified at the same time in an accurate and rapid manner.
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