Material Reconfiguration for Visual Exploration of Product Design Alternatives재질 재배치에 기반한 제품 디자인 대안의 시각적 탐색

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Background This study attempts to enable users to explore various materials easily and quickly during the product design process. In particular, the study explores the values of the materialreconfigured alternatives and verifies them in the practical design process facilitated by the developed design tool. Methods We carried out an exploratory study composed of material combination tasks, a comparative evaluation for material-reconfigured cases, and post-hoc interviews with a total of 20 subjects. Then, we quantitatively analyzed the results of the evaluation of the novelty, aesthetic preference, and overall preference for reconfigured alternatives and qualitatively analyzed the interview data. Also, we suggested design implications for utilizing the reconfigured alternatives. Based on the implications, we developed a design tool with material reconfiguration, and we conducted a user test with the participation of 10 subjects to confirm the values comprehensively. Results The exploratory study showed the possibility of finding more novel, aesthetic, or preferred alternatives from material reconfiguration derived from the user's initial design. In the subsequent user test, the users were very willing to take advantage of material-reconfigured alternatives in the actual design process, and they were likely to reflect design alternatives directly in their final results. Conclusions Material reconfiguration provides users a simple way to explore novel and aesthetically appealing product design alternatives by offering them a variety of designs.
Korean Society of Design Science
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Archives of Design Research, v.30, no.1, pp.115 - 129

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