ScreenX: Public Immersive Theatres with Uniform Movie Viewing ExperiencesScreenX: Public Immersive Theatres with Uniform Movie Viewing Experiences

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movie theatres to become multi-projection movie theatres. This enables the general public to enjoy immersive viewing experiences. The left and right side walls are used to form surrounding screens. This surrounding display environment delivers a strong sense of immersion in general movie viewing. However, naïve display of the content on the side walls results in the appearance of distorted images according to the location of the viewer. In addition, the different dimensions in width, height, and depth among theatres may lead to different viewing experiences. Therefore, for successful deployment of this novel platform, an approach to providing similar movie viewing experiences across target theatres is presented. The proposed image representation model ensures minimum average distortion of the images displayed on the side walls when viewed from different locations. Furthermore, the proposed model assists with determining the appropriate variation of the content according to the diverse
IEEE Virtual Reality
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IEEE Virtual Reality 2017

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