A neural circuit for auditory dominance on visual perception

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Sound stimuli often suppress visual processing, but the circuit mechanism of perceptual competition between visual and auditory processing is unclear. Here, we unravel a neural circuit composed of primary visual (V1), primary auditory (A1), and posterior parietal (PTLp) cortices, which mediate auditory dominance on vision. Simultaneous presentation of auditory and visual stimuli or concurrent activation of V1 and A1 elicited auditory-dominant perceptual behavior in the animal perceiving each as specific information. The auditory dominance switched to the visual dominance by inactivation of PTLp, which receives direct inputs from both V1 and A1. Supporting this, co-activation of V1 with A1 suppressed the activity of V1-selective neurons in PTLp and produced similar response to A1 activation. Our data demonstrate that converging input to PTLp from V1 and A1 determines auditory dominance on the visual perception in actively perceiving animal.
International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine, University of Tsukuba
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The 4th IIIS Symposium

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