Interactivity Crafter: An Interactive Input-Output Transfer Function Design Tool for Interaction Designers

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Abstract Background The performance of input devices of interactive artifacts is closely related to the transfer function that defines the relationship between a user’s input and the corresponding output. This performance influences a user’s perception of the interactivity quality of an interactive device. This study presents Interactivity Crafter (IC)—a tool that enables interaction designers to achieve intuitive specification of the transfer function in interfaces. Methods & Result We conducted three experiments to evaluate the effectiveness of this tool. First, we compared the results after modifying a transfer function with our IC with a ground-truth transfer function by measuring the root mean square error (RMSE). All participants in the experiments attained the transfer function within 15 feedback cycles with small RMSE values. Second, we compared our interactive feedback method with a traditional graph-editing method for modifying a transfer function. The participants rated the feedback method of our IC, indicating that it was simple and intuitive. The RMSE value for the feedback method was significantly less than that of the graph-editing method. Third, we conducted a qualitative study with professional interaction designers. We discovered that the experience-driven approach of our tool helped designers to feel the manipulation of invisible interactivity rather a concrete one. Conclusions This study presented a new method for designing interactivity by introducing an interactive feedback method. Using a series of evaluation experiments, we demonstrated that IC supports intuitive and concrete approaches for interactivity design.
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디자인학연구, v.28, no.3, pp.21 - 37

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