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0.18um CMOS integrated chipset for 5.8GHz DSRC systems with +10dBm output power

Shin S.; Yun S.researcher; Cho S.; Kim J.; Kang M.; Oh W.; Kang S.-M., 2008 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, ISCAS 2008, pp.1958 - 1961, 2008-05-18

1,3-Diacetylenes and 1,3,5-Triacetylenes: Photochemistry and Polymerization

SangChul Shim, The 2nd Hungary-Korea Symposium on Organic Chemistry, pp.9 - 14, 1993

1.2-GHz repetition rate, diode-pumped femtosecond Yb:KYW laser mode-locked by a CNT saturable absorber

Yang, Heewon; Kim, Chur; Choi, S.; Kim, G.; Kobayashi, Y.; Rotermund, F.; Kim, Jungwon, Conference on Lasers and Electro Optics (CLEO), OPTICAL SOC AMER, 2013-06-13

1.8-GHz self-calibrated phase-locked loop with precise I/Q matching

Park Chan-Hong; Kim Ook; Kim Beomsupresearcher, 2000 Symposium on VLSI Circuits, pp.242 - 243, 2000-06-15

<110> 실리콘 기판상에 형성된 p+ Cantilever를 이용한 AFM Probe Tip의 제작

윤의식researcher, MEMS 학술대회, pp.145 - 150, 1999

13.56MHz RFID reader SiP with embedded antenna

Kim J.; Kim H.; Kim J.; Cho J.; Kim G.researcher; Kim S., 2008 Electrical Design of Advanced Packaging and Systems Symposium, IEEE EDAPS 2008, pp.186 - 189, 2008-12-10

16-bit DSP and System for Baseband /Voiceband Processing of IS-136 Cellular Telephony

Beom-Sup Kimresearcher, Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference 1999, 1999

1차 및 2차 통계방법에 기초한 잡음에 강인한 음성특징추출

길이만, 한국뇌학회 학술대회, pp.126 -, 2001

[2+2] Photocycloaddition Reaction of Conjugated Polyacetylenes with Some Olefins

SangChul Shim, The Intn'l Symposium on Organic Chemistry, pp.449 - 464, 1992

2-W upconversion laser in Tm:ZBLAN fiber

Myung-Ki Chunresearcher, CLEO'94, 1994

[2.1System] implementation state and the directions of development of technical high school in korea

Kim, Choon Gil, Journal of the Japan Institute of Industrial Education, pp.1 - 8, 2001

2.4 Gb/s GaAs 8*8 Time Multiplexed Switch Intergrated Circuit

Jhee, Youn Kyuresearcher, GaAs IC Symposium, pp.101 - 104, 1989

2.4-GHz Integrated CMOS Switch Mixer and Quadrature VCO

신형철researcher, 제9회 반도체학술대회, 제9회 반도체학술대회, 2002-02

21세기 수학 교육의 동향: NCTM의 Principles and Standards for School Mathematics에 나타난 수학 교수?학습 이론을 중심으로

최영한researcher, Research Communication of Natural Science (배재대학교 자연과학 심포지움), pp.63 - 78, 2002

21세기는 기업에 어떠한 변화를 요구하는가

박상찬, 부산섬유패션산업의 기업간 전자상거래, pp.26 - 45, 2000

21세기형 원격영재교육시스템의 방향: 한국과학기술원 사례

박상찬, SchoolNet '98, pp.363 - 364, 1998

250-fs pulse generation from a Ndiglass fiber laser by passive mode locking started with moving mirror pumped by a low power LD

천명기researcher, Pusan National University, 1995

25nm Bulk MOSFET with Floating Gate Spacer

Hyung-Cheol Shinresearcher, Silicon Nanoelectronics Workshop, pp.12 - 13, 2000

2계층 클러스터 개념을 이용한 무선 ATM망에서의 핸드오프 방안

신병철, 한국통신학회 추계종합학술발표회 논문집, pp.956 - 959, 1997

3-D lithography and metal surface micromachining for RF and microwave MEMS

Yoon, Jun-Boresearcher; Kim, B.-I.; Choi, Y.-S.; Yoon, Euisikresearcher, 15th IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems MEMS 2002, pp.673 - 676, 2002-01-20

3D GIS Application in in U-City

Park, Sang Chan, 1st Mongolia-Korea Joing Workshop on CAD/CAM, pp.18 - 18, 2007


KIM, Young-Jin, 3rd international Conference on Progress in Additive Manufacturing (Pro-AM 2018), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), 2018-05

3D sketching for multi-pose products: an interactive showcase

Lee, Joon Hyub; Ham, Hyung-Gi; Kim, Myung-Sung; Bae, Seok-Hyung, SIGGRAPH 2020, pp.5:1 - 5:2, ACM, 2020-08-27

45 nm baised spacer MOSFET

Hyung-Cheol Shinresearcher, Silicon Nanoelectronics Workshop, pp.126 - 127, 2003

4차 산업혁명 시대의 중소벤처기업 글로벌 경쟁력 강화 전략

이의훈researcher, 시스템 엔지니어링 2018년 추계학술대회, pp.7 - 7, 한국시스템엔지니어링 학회, 2018-10-25

50 nm MOSFET with Floating Polysilicon Spacer

Hyung-Cheol Shinresearcher, IEEE Silicon Nanoelectronics Workshop, pp.54 - 55, 2001

50 nm MOSFET with High-k Dielectric Sidewall

Hyung-Cheol Shinresearcher, IEEE Silicon Nanoelectronics Workshop, pp.70 - 71, 2001

5G K-simulator: Link level simulator for

Park, G; Park, S; Seo, J; So, J; Wang, W; Yoo, S; Lim, SC; et al, IEEE DySPAN 2018, IEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INC, 2018-10-23

836 MHz/1.95GHz dual-band Class-E power amplifier using composite right/left-handed transmission lines

Ji S.H.; Hwang G.S.; Cho O.S.; Lee J.W.; Kim J.researcher, 36th European Microwave Conference, EuMC 2006, pp.356 - 359, 2006-09-10

A Study on Deposition of Laminar Pyrolytic Carbon Deposited in Tumbling Bed

Lee, Jai Young, 6th World Congress on High-tech Ceramics

A 0.5V-VIN, 0.29ps-Transient-FOM, and Sub-2mV-Accuracy Adaptive-Sampling Digital LDO Using Single-VCO-Based Edge-Racing Time Quantizer

Lee, Jeonghyun; Bang, Jooeun; Lim, Younghyun; Choi, Jaehyouk, 33rd Symposium on VLSI Circuits, VLSI Circuits 2019, pp.C130 - C131, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2019-06-12

A 1-V 5 GHz low phase noise LC-VCO using voltage-dividing and bias-level shifting technique

Song T.; Yoon E.researcher, 2004 Topical Meeting on Silicon Monolithic Integrated Circuits in RF Systems: Digest of Papers, pp.87 - 90, 2004-09-08

A 1.2-V 8-mW 2.4-GHz CMOS RF receiver IC for low power WPAN

Kwon I.; Song S.; Ko J.researcher, 2006 IEEE Sarnoff Symposium, 2006-03-27

A 1.8-GHz Self-calibrated Phase-locked Loop with Precise I/Q Matching

Beom-Sup Kimresearcher, AP-ASIC 2000 Proceedings of the Second IEEE Asia Pacific Conference on, pp.81 - 84, 2000

A 13 bit 2.5 MHz Self-Calibrated Pipelined A/D Converter in 3um CMOS

Beom-Sup Kimresearcher, IEEE Symposium on VLSI CIrcuits, pp.33 - 34, 1990

A 13GHZ CMOS distributed oscillator using MEMS coupled transmission lines for low phase noise

Park E.-C.; Yoon E.researcher, Digest of Technical Papers - IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference: Visuals Supplement, v.47, pp.244 - 245, 2003-02-15

A 161mW 56Gb/s ADC-Based Discrete Multitone Wireline Receiver Data-Path in 14nm FinFET

Kim, Gain; Kull, Lukas; Luu, Danny; Braendli, Matthias; Menolfi, Christian; Francese, Pier-Andrea; Yueksel, Hazar; et al, IEEE International Solid- State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), pp.476 - +, IEEE, 2019-02

A 16b quadrature direct digital frequency synthesizer using interpolative angle rotation algorithm

Song Y.; Kim B.researcher, 2002 Symposium on VLSI Circuits Digest of Technical Papers, pp.146 - 147, 2002-06-13

A 185fsrms-integrated-jitter and -245dB FOM PVT-robust ring-VCO-based injection-locked clock multiplier with a continuous frequency-tracking loop using a replica-delay cell and a dual-edge phase detector

Choi, Seojin; Yoo, Seyeon; Choi, Jaehyouk, 63rd IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference, ISSCC 2016, pp.194 - 195, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2016-02-15

A 1x1, 512x512 poly-Si TFT-LCD with Integrated 8-bit Parallel-Serial Digital Data Drivers

Chul-Hi Hanresearcher, IDMC 2000, pp.115 - 118, 2000

A 2.4-GHz CMOS LNA with harmonic cancellation and current reuse technique

Kwon I.; Gil J.; Lee K.; 신형철researcher, 제9회 반도체학술대회, pp.251 - 254, 제9회 반도체학술대회, 2002-02

A 2.4-GHz Fully Integrated CMOS Quadrature VCO

Hyung-Cheol Shinresearcher, Asia Pacific-System on a Chip 2002, pp.207 - 210, 2002

A 2.4-GHz Fully Integrated CMOS Quadrature VCO

신형철researcher, IDEC Conference 2002-Summer, pp.31 - 34, 2002

A 2.6GHz Low Phase-Noise VCO Monolithically Integrated with High Q MEMS Inductors

Euisik Yoonresearcher, European Solid-State Circuits Conference, pp.143 - 146, 2002

A 200 x 160 pixel CMOS fingerprint recognition SoC with adaptable column-parallel processors

Kim S.-J.; Lee K.-H.; Han S.-W.; Yoon E.researcher, 2005 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference, ISSCC, v.48, pp.250 -, 2005-02-06

A 230MHz 8 Tap Programmable FIR Filter Using Redundant Binary Number System

Euisik Yoonresearcher, IEEE ISCAS, 1999

A 250MHz direct digital frequency synthesizer with ΣΔ noise shaping

Song Y.; Kim B.researcher, 2003 Digest of Technical Papers, 2003-02-09

A 250MHz Low Jitter Adaptive Bandwidth PLL

Beom-Sup Kimresearcher, IEEE International Solid-State Circuit Conferece, 1999

A 2GHz 16dBm IIP3 low noise amplifier in 0.25um CMOS technology

Youn Y.-S.; Chang J.-H.researcher; Koh K.-J.; Lee Y.-J.; Yu H.-K., 2003 Digest of Technical Papers, 2003-02-09

A 3-mW, -119.2dBc/Hz@1MHz, 2.6-GHz, CMOS quadrature VCO using helical inductors as a noise filter

신형철researcher, 제10회 반도체학술대회, 제10회 반도체학술대회, 2003-02

A 30MHz High-Speed Analog/Digital PLL in 2um CMOS

Beom-Sup Kimresearcher, IEEE Int. Conf. on Solid-State Circuits, pp.104 - 105, 1990

A 4-Gb/s/pin current mode 4-level simultaneous bidirectional I/O with current mismatch calibration

Kim Y.S.; Shin S.researcher; Kang S.-M., ISCAS 2006: 2006 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, pp.1007 - 1010, 2006-05-21

A 5-GHz Band I/Q Generator using a Self-Calibration Technique

Beom-Sup Kimresearcher; Hyung-Cheol Shinresearcher, European Solid-State Circuit Conference, pp.807 - 810, 2002

A 500 dpi capacitive-type CMOS fingerprint sensor with pixel-level adaptive image enhancement scheme

Lee K.-H.; Yoon E.researcher, 2002 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference, pp.282 - 283, 2002-02-03

A 500dpi Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor with Pixel-level Adaptive Image Enhancement

Euisik Yoonresearcher, ISSCC, pp.352 - 353, 2002

A 500Mb/s/pin quadruple data rate SDRAM interface using a Skew cancellation technique

Kim J.; Wang S.-H.; Lee J.; Hyoung Sik Nam; Young Gon Kim; Jae Hoon Shim; Hyung Ki Ahn; et al, 2000 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference 47th Annual ISSCC, pp.404 - 405, 2000-02-07

A 5GHz transformer-coupled CMOS VCO using bias-level shifting technique

Song T.; Ko S.; Cho D.-H.; Oh H.-S.; Chung C.; Yoon E.researcher, 2004 IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFIC) Symposium, pp.127 - 130, 2004-06-06

A 640 MB/s Bi-Directional Data Strobed, Double-Data-Rate SDRAM with a 40mW DLL Circuit for a 256MB Memory System

Beom-Sup Kimresearcher, IEEE International Solid State Circuits Conference, 1998

A 65nm CMOS current controlled oscillator with high tuning linearity for wideband polar modulation

Tang, Yiwu; Hu, Jianyun; Park, Jongmin; Choi, Jaehyouk; Leung, Lincoln; Narathong, Chiewcharn; Sahota, Kamal, 34th Annual Custom Integrated Circuits Conference, CICC 2012, IEEE, 2012-10-01

A 8GHz Gate-to-Drain Feedback Quadrature CMOS VCO Using Double-crossed Transformer Resonator

윤의식researcher, 제10회 반도체 학술대회, 2003

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