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X-FEM을 이용한 최적설계 기법

KWAK BYUNG MANresearcher, 대한기계학회 추계학술대회, pp.0 - 0, 2003-11-01

xShare: Supporting impromptu sharing of mobile phones

Liu Y.; Rahmati A.; Huang Y.; Jang H.researcher; Zhong L.; Zhang Y.; Zhang S., 7th ACM International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services, MobiSys'09, pp.15 - 28, 2009-06-22

XTRACT: A System for Extracting Document Type Descriptors From XML Documents

Shim Kyuseokresearcher, ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data, 2000

Y. Nishina and the Japanese Physics Community in the 1930s

Kim, Dong-Won, History of Science Society (U.S.A.), pp.98 - 98, History of Science Society, Annual Meeting, 1999-11

Y2O3-Al2O3계 소결조제가 고온가압 질화규소의 물성에 미치는 영향

조건researcher, 춘계 한국요업학회, 경북대, 1996

Yen-Synchronization of Floating East-Asian Countries: Regime Switching Model and Micro-Structural Analysis

김봉한; 민홍기researcher, 2011년 경제학 공동학술대회, 한국국제금융학회, 2011-01

Yen-Synchronization of Floating East-Asian Currencies: A Regime Switching Regression Model and Micro-Structural Analysis

Kim, B; Min, Hong Ghiresearcher; MCDonald, J.; Hwang, Y, The 2011 International Conference of Korea Trade Research Association, Korea Trade Research Association, 2011-12-16

Yen-Synchronization of Floating East-Asian Currencies: A Regime Switching Regression Model and Micro-Structural Analysis

Kim, B.; Min, Hong Ghiresearcher; MCDonald, J.; Hwang, Y, The International Conference on Financial Management and Economics, SOCIAL SCIENCES RESEARCH SOCIETY, 2011-07-03

Yield Management in Semiconductor Manufacturing Using Hybrid System of Case Based reasoning and Neural Networks

Park, Sang Chan, Int'l Symp. on Manufacturing Strategy, pp.136 - 141, 1998

Yield maximization for system-level task assignment and configuration selection of configurable multiprocessors

Singhal L.; Oh S.researcher; Bozorgzadeh E., Embedded Systems Week 2008 - 6th IEEE/ACM/IFIP International Conference on Hardware/Software Codesign and System Synthesis, CODES+ISSS 2008, pp.249 - 254, 2008-10-19

ZCPA 코딩에 기초한 음원의 방향탐지

길이만, 뇌학회 학술대회, pp.19 -, 2004

Zero-Crossing Based Time-Frequency Masking for Sound Segregation

Kil, Rhee Man, Post-IJCNN Workshop on Bio-Inspired Models and Hardware, pp.16 - 19, 2005

Zone Logic for Knowledge-Based Control: Formalization and Applications

Steven Hyung Kimresearcher, Proc. IEEE Int. Sym. on Intelligent Control, pp.607 - 613, 1989

μ-FTL : A memory-efficient Flash Translation Layer supporting multiple mapping granularities

Lee Y.-G.; Jung D.; Kang D.; Kim J.-S.researcher, 8th ACM International Conference on Embedded Software, EMSOFT'08, pp.21 - 30, 2008-10-19

μ-tree : An ordered index structure for NAND flash memory

Kang D.; Jung D.; Kang J.-U.; Kim J.-S.researcher, EMSOFT'07: 7th ACM and IEEE International Conference on Embedded Software, pp.144 - 153, 2007-09-30

가우스 요소함수를 이용한 추정망의 오차범위 추정

길이만, 한국뇌학회 학술대회, pp.127 -, 2001

감광막의 Reflow를 이용한 자기정렬 offset구조의 다결정 박막 트랜지스터의 제작

한철희researcher, 대한전기학회 학술대회, 1997

감성 인터랙션 경험이 가능한 스마트 샤워부스 프로토타입 구현

서동준; 박주미; 장성택; 장성주, HCI KOREA 2011, HCI KOREA, 2011-02

감지도 향상을 위한 벌크 마이크로머시닝을 이용한 실리콘 미소 렌즈 어레이의 제작

한철희researcher, 적외선 영상센서 학술대회, 2000

건강보험에서의 도덕적 해이에 대한 이론적 고찰 (Moral Hazard and Health Insurance)

석승훈researcher, 윤계섭교수 정년기념 학술대회, 2010-06-04


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