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Low-power CMOS on-chip voltage reference using MOS PTAT: An EP approach

Seo Yoon-Deuk; Nam, Dongkyungresearcher; Yoon Byoung-Jin; Choi Il-Hyun; Kim Beomsupresearcher, Proceedings of the 1997 10th Annual IEEE International ASIC Conference and Exhibit, pp.316 - 320, 1997-09-07

Low-power multimedia scheduling using output pre-buffering

Bae G.; Kim J.; Kim D.; Park D.researcher, MASCOTS 2005: 13th IEEE International Symposium on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Computer and Telecommunications Systems, v.2005, pp.389 - 396, 2005-09-27

Low-voltage pentacene OTFTs with high-K gate dielectric and its application to AMOLED

Choi Y.; Yoon S.-S.; Choi J.; Kim H.J.; Son J.H.; Kim S.; Lee Y.H.; et al, 44th International Symposium, Seminar, and Exhibition, SID 2006, v.37, no.1, pp.112 - 115, 2006-06-04

LPCVD of Blanket W Using A Gaseous Mixture of WF6, SiH4 and H2

Chun , Soung Soonresearcher, Proc. 16th Int'l Conf. on metallurgical Coatings, International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings, 1989-04

LRS:Localized Reputation System in Mobile Ad Hoc Network

Dae Yeon Parkresearcher, International Conference on Computer Networks and Moblie Computing, 2005

Luminescence of Er-doped amorphous silicon quantum dots

Park N.-M.; Kim T.-Y.; Kim S.H.; Sung G.Y.; Kim B.-H.; Park S.-J.; Cho K.S.researcher; et al, Quantum Dots, Nanoparticles, and Nanoclusters, v.5361, pp.60 - 65, 2004-01-26

Machine Learning Approach to Yield Management in Semiconductor Manufacturing: Continuous Class Learning Approaches

Park, Sang Chan, Int'l Conf. on Production Research, pp.1219 - 1222, 1999

Machine-Part Cell Formation using Genetic Algorithm

Cho, K.K.; Yang, Taeyongresearcher, Computers & IE, 1995

Magnetic Properties of Field Annealed Amorphous Fe-B-Si Wound Cores

Lim, Ho Binresearcher, 35th MMM Conference, Amer.Inst.Phys, Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 1990-10

Magnetic Property Investigations on C-doped FePt Thin Film

Song, Hyonseok; Ko, Hyun Seok; Lee, Kyeong Dong; Kim, Ji-Wan; Shin, Sung-Chulresearcher, International Conference of AUMS, The Asian Union of Magnetics Societies, 2010-12

Magnetic Resonant Wireless Power Transfer for Propulsion of Implantable Micro-Robot.

Kim, Dongwook; Kim. Minho; Yoo. Jesung; Park. Hyun-Ho; Ahn. Seungyoung, Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, AIP Publishing, LLC and the IEEE Mangetic Society, 2014-11-06

Magnetization dynamics in perpendicular magnetic anisotropy CoFeB/MgO system

Sohn, Jeong Woo; Kim, Ji-wan; Lee, Kyeong Dong; Song, Hyon-seok; Shin, Il-jae; Min, Byoung-chul; You, Chun-yeol; et al, The 19th International Conference on Magnetism (ICM2012), International Union of Pure and Applied Physics, 2012-07-12

Magnetization Imaging Using Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy

Kim, Sang-Koogresearcher, International Conference on X-ray Microscopy, pp.49 - 54, 1999

Management Aspect of Software Safety

Cha, Sungdeok, International Conference on Computer Assurance, 1993

Management System of Biomedical Waste in Seoul, Korea

Ja-Kong Kooresearcher, Proceedings of The 3rd NTU-KU-KAIST Tri-Lateral Seminar/Workshop on Civil Engineering, pp.319 - 330, 1993

Managing Complexity in Automated Systems: An Information Measure ans its Application

Steven Hyung Kimresearcher, Manufacturing Technology Review and North American Manufacturing Research Conference, pp.541 - 545, 1987

Managing GPU buffers for caching more apps in mobile systems

Kwon, Sejun; Kim, Sang-Hoon; Kim, Jin-Soo; Jeong, Jinkyu, 13th International Conference on Embedded Software, EMSOFT 2015, pp.207 - 216, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2015-10

Managing Service Quality using Content-Centric Information System Architecture

Park, Sang Chan, 3rd Asian Network for Quality Congress, pp.527 - 535, 2005

Managing the Development of Advanced Knowledge Systems

Steven Hyung Kimresearcher, CIRP International Seminar on Manufacturing Systems, pp.79 - 81, 1987

MANET에서의 동적 주소 할당 기법에 관한 연구

이준원, 한국정보과학회 춘계 학술발표회, pp.4 - 6, 2003


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