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Iridium(III) Complexes as Modulators for Amyloid-beta Aggregation through Multiple Mechanisms

Kang, J; Lim, Mi Hee, 2017 Bioinorganic Chemistry Symposium, 2017 Bioinorganic Chemistry Symposium, 2017-07-19

Iridium(III) Complexes as Modulators for Amyloid-beta Aggregation through Multiple Mechanisms

Kang, J; Lim, Mi Hee, 2017년 대한화학회 영남지역 공동학술대회, 2017년 대한화학회 영남지역 공동학술대회, 2017-08-16

Iridium(III) Complexes as Photoactivatable Modulators for Amyloid-β Aggregation through Multiple Mechanisms

Kang, JH; Lim, Mi Hee, 117회 대한화학회 학술대회, 117회 대한화학회 학술대회, 2016-04-22

ISDN 서비스를 B-ISDN에서 수용하는 단말기 접속장치의 설계

김원순; 최문기researcher; 강태운; 김석재, 한국통신학회 제3회 통신정보합동 학술대회 , 한국통신학회, 1993-04

Isolated attosecond pulses: Generation and application to molecular science

Lucchini M.; Calegari F.; Kim K.S.researcher; Vozzi C.; Stagira S.; Sansone G.; Nisoli M., Nonlinear Optics and Applications V, v.8071, 2011-04-19

Isolated Mini-domain for Trusted Cloud Computing

Choi, Jaewon; PARK, JONGSE; Seol, Jinho; Maeng, Seungryoul, International Symposium on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing (CCGrid), IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Scalable Computing (TCSC) and ACM, 2013-05-13

Isolated singularity of M-harmonic functions

최부림researcher, Abstracts Spring Meeting, Korean Math. Soc., 1992

Issues related with the recent high-$Q^2$ events

고병원, CTP Miniworkshop at Pusan National University, 1997

IT and Web-based Services used by PE Industry

Park, Sang Chan, APO Study Meeting on Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and Systems - Precision Engineering Industries, pp.49 - 63, 2005

IT development in the 21st century and its implications

Huh U.researcher, 9th Pacific-Asia Conference on Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, PAKDD 2005, pp.15 - 20, 2005-05-18

ITAS: B-ISDN Terminal Adaptor for ISDN-Phone

Choi MunKeeresearcher, JWCC 93, -, 1993-12

JNI Program Analysis with Automatically Extracted C Semantic Summary

Lee, Sangho, 28th ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis (ISSTA), pp.448 - 451, ASSOC COMPUTING MACHINERY, 2019-07

Joint segmentation and pose tracking of human in natural videos

Lim, Taegyu; Hong, Seunghoon; Han, Bohyung; Han, Joon Hee, 2013 14th IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision, ICCV 2013, pp.833 - 840, IEEE Computer Society and the Computer Vision Foundation (CVF), 2013-12-03

Jump-Diffusion Process and General Equilibrium in Pricing Foreign Currency Options

안창모, Com2MaC Workshop on Mathematical and Quantitative Finance, pp.85 - 116, 2001

k-Representatives Algorithm: a Clustering Algorithm with Learning Distance Measure for Categorical Values

Park, Sang Chan, APDSI2002, 2002

KAIST의 마이크로 열기관 요소기술 개발

Yoon, E.-S.researcher; Lee, D.-H.; Park, D.-E.; Kwon, S.-J., 2002유체기계연구개발 발표회, pp.482 - 485, 2002

Kaleidescope Visualization of Fine-Grain Parallel Programs

Dae Yeon Parkresearcher, Hawaii International Conference on System Science, pp.137 - 148, 1992

Keynote speech, "Idea factory as a Platform for Engineering Education"

Lee, Hong Kyuresearcher, ACEE 2015, the 5th Asian Conference on Engineering Education, ACEE, 2015-11-07

Keynote speech, How Technology Meets Society; An Experiment of KAIST

LEE, Hong-Kyuresearcher, ACEE 2013, 3rd Asian Conference on Engineering Education, International Engineering Education Forum 2013, ACEE, Korean Society for engineering Education, 2013-11-07

Keynote Speech, The 4th Industrial revolution and Engineering Education

Lee, Hongkyuresearcher, ACEE 2017, 6th Asian Conference on Engineering Education, pp.xv - xvi, Dali University, China, 2017-03-11


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