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Intelligent Marketing and Merchandising Techniques for an Internet Shopping Mall

Park, Sang Chan, PACIS, 1997

Intelligent Quality Function Deployment Method to Induce Indices of Four Persepectives of Balanced Score Card

Park, Sang Chan, APORS, 2000

Intelligent Quality Planning for Quality Deployment: An Application to the Camera Industry

Park, Sang Chan, Int'l conf. on Engineering Design and Automation, pp.847 - 853, 1999

Intelligent Quality Planning fro Quality Deployment Based on Balanced Score Card: Application to the Mobile Communication Industry

Park, Sang Chan, APIEMS '99, pp.577 - 580, 1999

Inter-domain socket communications supporting high performance and full binary compatibility on Xen

Kim K.; Kim C.; Jung S.-I.; Shin H.-S.; Kim J.-S.researcher, 4th International Conference on Virtual Execution Environments, VEE'08, pp.11 - 20, 2008-03-05

Interaction Model Analysis for Single-person Household in South Korea Using Persona-based Scenario Method

CHANG, MI; NAH, KEN, 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Human System Integration, IHSI International 2019, 2019-02-09

Interactive Data Analysis Tool by Augmenting MATLAB with Semantic Objects

Lee, Changhyun; Choo, Jaegul; Chau, Duen Horng (Polo); Park, Haesun, IEEE 13th International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM), pp.1093 - 1096, IEEE Computer Society, 2013-12

Interconnecting Between CPS Terms and Non-CPS Terms

Kwangkeun Yiresearcher, ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Continuations, 2001

Interdisciplinary Approach to Science (IAS) Program in Institute for Gifted Students of KAIST

Bae, Saebyokresearcher, KAIST 과학영재교육연구원, 한국과학기술한림원(KAST), pp.50 - 60, 2005-12-01

Intergrated Knowledge Discovery for Investment Prediction: Critical Issues and System Design Implications

김형관researcher, '99 Korean Expert Systems Society Spring Conf. Proc., 1998

International Conference on Flavor physics 2001

Ko, Pyungwon, International Conference on Flavor physics 2001, 2001

International Labour Migration: Economic Theory and An Analysis of Korean Data

kong-Kyun Roresearcher, Paper presented at Economic and Social Commision in Asia Pacific Conference on Population meeting, pp.6 - 12, 1984

Internet of family: Increasing social presence of family members via sharing ambient IoT usage data

Kim, Naeun; Yoon, Boram; Jin, Sam; Seo, Hayang; Kwon, Ohkyun; Kim, Jinwoo, 11th International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication, IMCOM 2017, pp.1 - 9, Association for Computing Machinery, Inc, 2017-01

Internet of Things Technology for Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology: Potentials and Challenges

가현욱researcher, 2015 한국재활복지공학회 정기학술대회, 한국재활복지공학회, 2015-11-06

Interprocedural Exception Analysis for Java

Kwangkeun Yiresearcher, ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, 2001

Intra-field IPC Algorithm by using Pseudomedian Filter

Kim, Choon Gil, Journal of the Japan Institute of Simulation, pp.247 - 250, 1996

Intramolecular Reductive Cyclization of Aldehydes and Ketones with Alkynes by Samarium(II) Iodide

SangChul Shim, The 2nd Eurasia Conference on Chemistry in Seoul EuAsC2S, pp.453 - 454, 1990

Introduction to EPS (electrical power subsystem) of STSAT-3 (Science and Technology SATellite-3)

Lee S.-S.researcher; Park J.-H.; Rhee S.-W.; Shin G.-H.; Park H.-S., 59th International Astronautical Congress 2008, IAC 2008, pp.6052 - 6057, 2008-09-29

Introduction to micro-satellite STSAT-3 development

Shin G.-H.researcher; Park H.-Y.; Seo J.-K.; Chung T.-J.; Myung N.-H., 60th International Astronautical Congress 2009, IAC 2009, v.5, pp.3781 - 3785, 2009-10-12

Investigation of handoffs for IEEE 802.11 networks in vehicular environment

Daehan K.researcher; Jeonghoon M.; Kang M., 2009 1st International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Networks, ICUFN 2009, pp.89 - 94, 2009-06-07


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