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HOMED:A Peer-to-Peer Overlay Architecture for Large-Scale Content-based Publish/Subscribe Systems

Dae Yeon Parkresearcher, The third International Workshop on Distributed Event-Based Systems, pp.20 - 25, 2004

Hop-by-hop congestion control design with utility maximization in wireless ad hoc neworks

Lim K.M.; Mo J.researcher; Joo S.-S., 2006 IEEE 64th Vehicular Technology Conference, VTC-2006 Fall, pp.2088 - 2093, 2006-09-25

Hot-Corrosion Behavior of Silicon Nitride-Bonded Silicon Carbide

Kurn Choresearcher, First Asian-Australasian Conference on Composite Materials(ACCM-1), pp.512-1 - 512-4, 1998

How can we build social capital and self-esteem by controlling motivation for SNS usage?

Bae, HyeYoon; Lee, Eue-Hunresearcher, International Conference on Social Science and Management (ICSSAM 2014), ICSSAM, 2014-05-09

How did a wrong ideology destroy a healthy physics community?: Physics in North Korea between 1953 and 1980

Kim, Dong-Won, History of Science Society (U. S. A.), The History of Science Society's 2003 Annual Meeting, 2003-11

How interface agents affect interaction between humans and computers

Forlizzi J.; Zimmerman J.; Mancuso V.; Kwak S.researcher, 2007 Conference on Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces, DPPI'07, pp.209 - 221, 2007-08-22

How Much and When Do We Need Higher-order Informationin Hypergraphs? A Case Study on Hyperedge Prediction

Yoon, Se-eun; Song, Hyungseok; Shin, Kijungresearcher; Yi, Yung, The Web Conference 2020, WWW 2020, pp.2627 - 2633, Association for Computing Machinery, 2020-04-20

How Soy Labeling Influences Preferences and Taste

Se-Bum Parkresearcher, Proceedings of the India Soy Forum, pp.174 - 181, 2001

How to change older people’s attitudes toward Assistive Technology? The effect of age stereotype and role of aging-self acceptance in stigmatization

Bae, HyeYoon; Lee, Euehunresearcher, Transformative Consumer Research Conference 2019, Association for Consumer Research, 2019-05-20

How to design optimistic operations for peer-to-peer replication

Roh H.-G.; Kim J.-S.researcher; Lee J.-W., 9th Joint Conference on Information Sciences, JCIS 2006, 2006-10-08

How to Design Optimistic Operations for Peer-to-peer Replication

Lee, Joonwon; Jin-Soo Kimresearcher, International Conference on Computer Science and Informatics, 2006

Human Gait Analysis for the Unmanned Research Center Exoskeleton (UTRCEXO) with the precedence walking assistance mechanism

Cha, Dowan; Oh, Sung Nam; KANG, DAEWON; Kim, Kab Il; Kim, Kyung-Soo; Kim, Soohyun, The 44th International Symposium on Robotics, International Federation of Robotics, 2013-10

Human-robot interaction as a cooperative game

Lee K.W.; Hwang J.-H.researcher, Trends in Intelligent Systems and Computer Engineering, pp.91 - 103, 2008

Hybrid approach utilizing Machine Learning to complement the shortcomings of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)

Park, Sang Chan, Pacific Asian Conf. on Expert Systems (PACES'99), 1999

Hybrid Machine Learning Strategy in Credit Evaluation

Park, Sang Chan, APIEMS '99, pp.331 - 334, 1999

Hybrid Optical Inference Machine for Parallel Logical Computation

김형관researcher, Fall Joint Conf. Proc. of Korean Inst. of Communication Sciences, pp.813 - 820, 1997

Hybrid Si-LiNbO3 micro-ring resonators for active microphotonic devices

Lee Y.S.; Kim G.-D.; Lee S.-S.; Lee W.-G.researcher; Steier W.H., Optical Components and Materials VIII, v.7934, 2011-01-25

Hybrid time-stamped transition density for the estimation of delay-dependent switching activities

Choi Hoon; Hwang Seung Horesearcher, Proceedings of the 1997 40th Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems. Part 1 (of 2), v.2, pp.1030 - 1033, 1997-08-03

HybriDroid: Static analysis framework for android hybrid applications

Lee, Sungho; Dolby, Julian; Ryu, Sukyoung, 31st IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, ASE 2016, pp.250 - 261, Association for Computing Machinery, Inc, 2016-09-05

Hydrodynamic Lateral Force on a Tapered piston Subjected to a Large Pressure Gradient,

Lee, Chung-Ohresearcher, 3rd Internatimal Conference on Fluid Power Control, Zhejiang, pp.13 - 16, International Conference on Fluid Power Transmission and Control, 1993-09


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