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DC and AC Characteristics of 10 nm T-Gate MOSFETs with Source/Drain-to-gate Non-Overlapped Structure

Hyung-Cheol Shinresearcher, Silicon Nanoelectronics Workshop 2003, pp.24 - 25, 2003

A novel synthesis method for designing Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG) structures in packaged mixed signal systems

Kim T.H.researcher; Chung D.; Engin E.; Yun W.; Toyota Y.; Swaminathan M., IEEE 56th Electronic Components and Technology Conference, pp.1645 - 1651, 2006-05-30

Tree-based Replica Location Scheme (TRLS) for data grids

Nam D.S.; Jeong S.; Kim B.researcher; Youn C.-H., 6th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology: Broadband Convergence Network Infrastructure, v.2, pp.960 - 964, 2004-02-09

SQUIRE: Sequential pattern mining with quantities

Kim C.; Lim J.-H.researcher; Ng R.; Shim K., Proceedings - 20th International Conference on Data Engineering - ICDE 2004, v.20, pp.827 -, 2004-03-30

Trajectory simulation of the small atmospheric re-entry module

Chung T.-J.researcher; Lee N.-Y., 2006 SICE-ICASE International Joint Conference, pp.2797 - 2801, 2006-10-18

A rolling horizon approach with aggregation for supply chain optimization of refinery industry

Song J.; Park M.researcher; Park S.; Grossmann I.E., 2005 AIChE Spring National Meeting, pp.1311 - 1321, 2005-04-10

Informational Cascade in the Insurance Market

S. Hun Seogresearcher, American Risk and Insurance Assoc., pp.0 - 0, 2003-08-01

A posteriori rake finger selection in space-time coded CDMA systems

Kim S.W.; Kim E.Y.researcher, GLOBECOM'05: IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference, 2005, v.5, pp.3164 - 3168, 2005-11-28

Infrastructure support for ad hoc network: When and where?

Song Y.; Park D.researcher, Proc. -ICPP 2004 on Mobile and Wireless Networking, High Perform. Sci. and Eng. Comput., Netw. Des. and Archit., Opt.Netw. Control and Manage., Ad Hoc and Sensor Netw., Compile and Run Time Tech. for Parallel Comput., pp.141 - 147, ICPPW '04, 2004-08-15

A quad-channel 3.125Gb/s/ch serial-link transceiver with mixed-mode adaptive equalizer in 0.18um CMOS

Yang J.; Kim J.; Byun S.; Conroy C.; Kim B.researcher, Digest of Technical Papers - IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference: Visuals Supplement, v.47, pp.134 -, 2003-02-15

A quad-channel 3.125Gb/s/ch serial-link transceiver with mixed-mode adaptive equalizer in 0.18um CMOS

Yang J.; Kim J.; Byun S.; Conroy C.; Kim B.researcher, Digest of Technical Papers - 2004 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference, v.47, pp.176 -, 2003-02-15

Delay analysis of optical burst switching networks

Vu H.L.; Zalesky A.; Zukerman M.; Rosberg Z.; Guo J.; Um T.W.researcher, 2005 IEEE International Conference on Communications, ICC 2005, v.3, pp.1656 - 1662, 2005-05-16

Indexing Catastrophe Securities

S. Hun Seogresearcher, American Risk and Insurance Association, 2004

Difference Threshold Test for M-ary Signaling with Coherent Detection

Kim Y.G.; Kim S.W.researcher, IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference GLOBECOM'03, v.4, pp.1999 - 2003, 2003-12-01

Analysis on the viewing parameters of floating display system based on integral imaging

Kim J.; Min Sung Wookresearcher; Lee B., 5th International Meeting on Information Display, v.1, pp.50 - 53, 2005-07-19

A high dynamic range CMOS image sensor with in-pixel floating-node analog memory for pixel level integration time control

Han S.-W.; Kim S.-J.; Choi J.-H.; Kim, Choong Ki; Yoon E.researcher, 2006 Symposium on VLSI Circuits, VLSIC, pp.25 - 26, 2006-06-15

Three dimensional electrode structure controlled by dielectrophoresis for flow-through micro electroporation system

Choi Y.-S.researcher; Kim Y.-J.; Im M.; Kim B.-G.; Yun K.-S.; Yoon E., 19th IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, pp.466 - 469, 2006-01-22

Three-dimensional electro-floating display system based on integral imaging technique

Min S.-W.researcher; Kim J.; Lee B., Proceedings of SPIE-IS and T Electronic Imaging - Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems XII, v.5664, pp.332 - 339, 2005-01-17

Address code generation utilizing memory sharing in DSP processors

Kim T.researcher; Hong S., 2005 IEEE International 48th Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems, MWSCAS 2005, v.2005, pp.579 - 582, 2005-08-07

An integrated approach to timing-driven synthesis and placement of arithmetic circuits

Shin K.; Kim T.researcher, ASP - DAC 2004 Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference - 2004, pp.155 - 158, ASP-DAC '04, 2004-01-27


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