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Superblock-based Flash Translation Layer for NAND Flash Memory

Lee, Joonwon, 6th Annual ACM Conference on Embedded Software, 2006

Development of a wireless environmental sensor system and MEMS-based RF circuit components

Yoon E.researcher; Yun K.-S., 13th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors and Actuators and Microsystems, TRANSDUCERS '05, v.2, pp.1981 - 1985, 2005-06-05

Protected heap sharing for memory-constrained java environments

Choi Y.; Han H.researcher, CASES 2006: International Conference on Compilers, Architecture and Synthesis for Embedded Systems, pp.212 - 222, 2006-10-22

An enhancement of input impedance bandwidth of circular-disc loaded monopole antenna with horizontal and vertical parasitic strips

Lee J.W.; Kang K.K.; Cho O.-S.; Kim J.researcher, 2006 Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference, APMC, v.3, pp.1960 - 1963, 2006-12-12

A Simple and Effective Correction Method for distorted image from camera lens system

Lee D.; Choi S.researcher; Kim D.; Kuc T., 2006 SICE-ICASE International Joint Conference, pp.2964 - 2968, 2006-10-18

Reduction of radiated emission from signal traces using modified and small-sized ground patterns

Park P.-S.; Lee J.W.; Lee T.K.; Cho O.S.; Kim J.researcher, 2006 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, EMC 2006, v.2, pp.368 - 371, 2006-08-14

Diversity selection combining to maximize coding gain

Sang-Wu Kimresearcher, IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, 2004

Truncated power adaptation in multicarrier CDMA downlink

Kim H.J.; Kim S.W.researcher, 2005 NPRA Annual Meeting, pp.111 - 116, 2005-03-13

A simplified hand gesture interface for spherical manipulation in virtual environments

Lee J.S.; Lee S.E.; Jang S.Y.; Park K.S.researcher, 2005 International Conference on Augmented Tele-Existence, ICAT '05, v.157, pp.284 -, 2005-12-05

Insurance Markets with Differential Information

S. Hun Seogresearcher, Asia-Pacific Risk and Insurance Association, 2006

IT development in the 21st century and its implications

Huh U.researcher, 9th Pacific-Asia Conference on Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, PAKDD 2005, pp.15 - 20, 2005-05-18

A novel routing protocol for personal area network mobility (PANEMO) environment

Park M.H.researcher; Park C.M.; Kim S.H.; Hong S.B.; Choi J.S., 6th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology: Broadband Convergence Network Infrastructure, v.1, pp.11 - 14, 2004-02-09

Design of multi-standard (IEEE 802.11a/b/g and WCDMA) RF front-end using reconfigurable mixer

Kim C.; Jang Y.-K.researcher; Yoo H.-J., 2005 Digest of Technical Papers - International Conference on Consumer Electronics, ICCE 2005, pp.413 - 414, 2005-01-08

Informational Cascade in the Insurance Market

S. Hun Seogresearcher, Asia-Pacific Risk and Insurance Assoc., pp.0 - 0, 2003-07-01

Diverse applications of an automated argument system based on the logic of multiple-valued argumentation

Jeong G.researcher; Sawamura H., 8th Pacific Rim International Workshop on Multi-Agents, PRIMA 2005, pp.88 - 102, 2005-09-26

True Risk Bounds for the Regression of Real-Valued Functions

Kil, Rhee Man, IJCNN, 2003

Diversity selection combining to enhance the coding gain

Kim S.W.; Park S.-J.; Chang W.researcher, 2004 IEEE 60th Vehicular Technology Conference, VTC2004-Fall: Wireless Technologies for Global Security, v.60, no.3, pp.1861 - 1864, 2004-09-26

Supply Chain Management Systems Analysis on RFID Sensor Grid Networks Using Petri Nets

Cho, Moonkyo; Song, Wonjay; Kwon, Hyukbong; Nam, Daekyung; Yoo, Jaeheung; Choi, Saesol; Myung, Junwan; et al, TSSA 2005 (International Conference on Telecommunication Systems, Services, and Applications), pp.0 - 0, Institut Teknologi Bandung, 2005-07-28

Mobile RFID Commerce Process Analysis for Mobile Handset with, RFID Terminal in Cellular CDMA and Grid Computing Networks

Choi, S. S.; Song, W. J.; Cho, M. K.; Nam, D. K.; Yoo, J. H.; Myung, J. W.; Choi, MunKeeresearcher, TSSA 2005 (International Conference on Telecommunication Systems, Services, and Applications), pp.0 - 0, Institut Teknologi Bandung, 2005-07-28

Ananlysis on Resonator Coupling and its application to CMOS Quadrature VDO at 8GHZ

Euisik Yoonresearcher, IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFIC) Symposium, 2003


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