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Treating and Pruning: new approaches to forecasting model selection and combination using prediction intervals

Meira, Erick; Cyrino Oliveira, F.L.; Jeon, Jooyoungresearcher, International Journal of Forecasting, v.37, no.2 , pp.547 - 568, 2021-04

Gold Catalysis Meets Materials Science - A New Approach to pi-Extended Indolocarbazoles

Hendrich, Christoph M.; Bongartz, Lukas M.; Hoffmann, Marvin T.; Zschieschang, Ute; Borchert, James W.; Sauter, Desiree; Kraemer, Petra; et al, ADVANCED SYNTHESIS & CATALYSIS, v.363, no.2, pp.549 - 557, 2021-01

Machine learning-based atom contribution method for the prediction of surface charge density profiles and solvent design

Liu, Qilei; Zhang, Lei; Tang, Kun; Liu, Linlin; Du, Jian; Meng, Qingwei; Gani, Rafiqul, AICHE JOURNAL, v.67, no.2, pp.e17110, 2021-02

Physics' Evolution Toward Computing

Nakamura, Tadao; Nagata, Koji, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THEORETICAL PHYSICS, v.60, no.1, pp.70 - 79, 2021-01

사전확률 갱신을 수행하는 교차 엔트로피 계획법

황형주; 장영수; 박재영; 김기응researcher, 정보과학회논문지, v.47, no.1, pp.88 - 94, 2020-01

관심 문자열 인식 기술을 이용한 가스계량기 자동 검침 시스템

이교혁; 김태연researcher; 김우주, 지능정보연구, v.26, no.2, pp.1 - 25, 2020-06

Experimental and numerical investigations of near-field underwater explosions

Lee, Seunggyu; Cho, Junghee; Lee, Chaemin; Cho, Seongpil, Structural Engineering and Mechanics, An Int'l Journal, v.77, no.3, pp.395 - 406, 2021

감성리더십이 조직원 창의성에 미치는 영향: 조직신뢰와 내재적동기의 매개효과

정지연; 서정은researcher; 노태우, 디지털융복합연구, v.18, no.6, pp.177 - 185, 2020-06

설명가능한 인공지능을 위한 특성기여도 분석 방법론 조사

고기혁; 임규민; 조호묵, 정보과학회논문지, v.47, no.12, pp.1181 - 1191, 2020-12

HyperTendril: Visual Analytics for User-Driven Hyperparameter Optimization of Deep Neural Networks

Park, Heungseok; Nam, Yoonsoo; Kim, Jihoon; Choo, Jaegulresearcher, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, v.27, no.2, pp.1407 - 1416, 2021-02

Understanding Smartphone-based Online Shopping Experiences and Behaviors of Blind Users

박지혁; 한예지researcher; 오유란, The International Journal of Advanced Smart Convergence, v.9, no.3, pp.260 - 271, 2020

심층 강화학습기반 연속상태공간 제어를 위한 보상 함수 분석

강민구; 김기응researcher, 정보과학회논문지, v.47, no.1, pp.78 - 87, 2020-01

지정학적 위험과 경영진 보상의 위험감수유인

김채현; 김선미; 이은서, 글로벌경영학회지, v.17, no.5, pp.46 - 67, 2020-10

항공기용 신호 송출 POD의 설계 및 개발

김지흥; 곽용길; 김기출; 박주래, 한국항행학회논문지, v.24, no.1, pp.8 - 15, 2020-02

A Test Score-Based Approach to Stochastic Submodular Optimization

Shreyas Sekar; Milan Vojnovic; Yun, Seyoungresearcher, Management Science, v.67, no.2, pp.1075 - 1092, 2021-02

Signal detection using biphotons and potential application in axion-like particle search

Le Phuong Hoang; Xuan Binh Cao, NUCLEAR PHYSICS B, v.961, pp.115215, 2020-12

Generalization of the Bernstein-Vazirani algorithm beyond qubit systems

Nagata, Koji; Geurdes, Han; Patro, Santanu Kumar; Heidari, Shahrokh; Farouk, Ahmed; Nakamura, Tadao, QUANTUM STUDIES-MATHEMATICS AND FOUNDATIONS, v.7, no.1, pp.17 - 21, 2020-03

Effects of psychological behaviour management programme on dental fear and anxiety in children: A randomised controlled clinical trial

Song, J-S; Chung, H-C; Sohn, S.; Kinn, Y-J, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PAEDIATRIC DENTISTRY, v.21, no.4, pp.287 - 291, 2020-12

Electric-field-driven octahedral rotation in perovskite

Kyung, Wonshik; Kim, Choong H.; Kim, Yeong Kwan; Kim, Beomyoung; Kim, Chul; Jung, Woobin; Kwon, Junyoung; et al, NPJ QUANTUM MATERIALS, v.6, no.1, pp.5, 2021-01

Methodological framework for analyzing peace engineering: Focusing on Kaesong Industrial Complex and North Korean innovators in South Korea

Ahn, Sang-Jin; Yi, Seung-Kyu, TECHNOLOGICAL FORECASTING AND SOCIAL CHANGE, v.163, pp.120464, 2021-02



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