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다개체 이동 로봇을 위한 협동 제어 방법론

이두용; 이경노, 대한기계학회논문집 A, v.22, no.5, pp.877 - 888, 1998-05

한국형 고속전철의 열차 관리제어기의 설계 및 검증 방법

유승필; 이두용, 제어.로봇.시스템학회 논문지, v.7, no.1, pp.72 - 79, 2001

Structural Factors Affecting Global Trends towards Isolationism and Expansionism - A BERGM Analysis

Jang, Yeongkyun; Yang, Jae-Suk, GLOBAL NETWORKS-A JOURNAL OF TRANSNATIONAL AFFAIRS, v.24, no.1, 2024-01

The proof of concept of uninterrupted push-pull electromagnetic propulsion and energy conversion systems for drones and planet landers

Kumar, V. R. Sanal; Mariappan, Amrith; Thianesh, U. K.; Sukumaran, Ajith; Kumar, Ashish; Lal, V. K. Vijil; John, Jerin; et al, ENGINEERING REPORTS, v.6, no.1, 2024-01

ERK2-topoisomerase II regulatory axis is important for gene activation in immediate early genes

Bunch, Heeyoun; Kim, Deukyeong; Naganuma, Masahiro; Nakagawa, Reiko; Cong, Anh; Jeong, Jaehyeon; Ehara, Haruhiko; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.14, no.1, 2023-12

Reactive Adsorption of SO<sub>2</sub> and NO<sub>2</sub> Gases over Black Mass Derived from Discarded Alkaline Batteries

Gupta, Nishesh Kumar; Rajput, Kaptan; Achary, Srungarpu N.; Kim, Eun Ji; Mehta, Bijal R.; Roy, Debesh R.; Kim, Kwang Soo, ENERGY & FUELS, v.38, no.1, pp.545 - 554, 2023-12

An extended M-K model under surface traction with adjustable gradient distribution

Ma, Li; Zheng, Lihuang; Zhongjin, Wang, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PLASTICITY, v.171, 2023-12

Jubileo: An Immersive Simulation Framework for Social Robot Design

Bottega, Jair Augusto; Kich, Victor Augusto; de Jesus, Junior Costa; Steinmetz, Raul; Kolling, Alisson Henrique; Grando, Ricardo Bedin; Guerra, Rodrigo da Silva; et al, JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT & ROBOTIC SYSTEMS, v.109, no.4, 2023-12

Equity implications of net-zero emissions: A multi-model analysis of energy expenditures across income classes under economy-wide deep decarbonization policies

Bistline, John; Onda, Chikara; Browning, Morgan; Emmerling, Johannes; Iyer, Gokul; Mahajan, Megan; McFarland, Jim; et al, ENERGY AND CLIMATE CHANGE, v.5, 2024-12

Longevity of Partnering Terrorist Organization: An Empirical Study Using A Network Diffusion Model

Choi, Hyeseung; Choi, Minyoung; Yang, Jae-Suk, TERRORISM AND POLITICAL VIOLENCE, v.36, no.1, pp.39 - 54, 2024-01

Mapping the Evolution of Media Management and Industry Studies in Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly: 100-Year Retrospective and Future Directions

Chan-Olmsted, Sylvia M.; Jung, Jaemin, JOURNALISM & MASS COMMUNICATION QUARTERLY, v.100, no.4, pp.847 - 874, 2023-12

Toward feasible single atom-based hydrogen evolution electrocatalysts via artificial ensemble sites for anion exchange membrane water electrolyzer

Lim, Won-Gwang; Truong, Hoang Nam; Jeong, Jae-Yeop; Kim, Dongkyu; Oh, Lee Seul; Jo, Changshin; Kim, Chiho; et al, APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENT AND ENERGY, v.343, 2024-04

Integrated Assessment of the Leading Paths to Mitigate CO<sub>2</sub> Emissions from the Organic Chemical and Plastics Industry

Fritzeen, Wade E.; O'Rourke, Patrick R.; Fuhrman, Jay G.; Colosi, Lisa M.; Yu, Sha; Shobe, William M.; Doney, Scott C.; et al, ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, v.57, no.49, pp.20571 - 20582, 2023-11

푸코의 초상: 한국 현대문학 학술장의 푸코 인용 양상 변화, 2008-2021 KCI 등재 학술지 논문 참고문헌 데이터를 중심으로

허예슬; 김병준; 최주찬; 최진석, 사회와 이론, v.46, pp.305 - 342, 2023-11

Toward Accurate Thermal Modeling of Phase Change Material-Based Photonic Devices

Aryana, Kiumars; Kim, Hyun Jung; Popescu, Cosmin-Constantin; Vitale, Steven; Bae, Hyung Bin; Lee, Taewoo; Gu, Tian; et al, SMALL, v.19, no.50, 2023-12

Analysis of ETRSS-1 on-orbit performance and anomaly management

Dinaol, Gadisa, JOURNAL OF SPACE SAFETY ENGINEERING, v.10, no.4, pp.483 - 494, 2023-12

Silver tungstate-tellurite glass for radioactive iodine immobilization

Shin, Seong-Sik; Kim, Ga-Yeong; Lee, Byeonggwan; Yang, Jae-Hwan; Son, Yeon-Su; Choi, Jung-Hoon; Pyo, Jae-Young; et al, JOURNAL OF NON-CRYSTALLINE SOLIDS, v.624, 2024-01

Supply and Demand Drivers of Global Hydrogen Deployment in the Transition toward a Decarbonized Energy System

O'Rourke, Patrick; Mignone, Bryan K.; Kyle, Page; Chapman, Bryan R.; Fuhrman, Jay; Wolfram, Paul; McJeon, Haewon, ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, v.57, no.48, pp.19508 - 19518, 2023-11

Interfacial Interaction Engineering of FeCoS@CoMoP for pH-Universal H<sub>2</sub> and Alkaline Medium O<sub>2</sub> Evolution

Jiao, Danhua; Lu, Wenjuan; Song, Qun; Cai, Xiaodong; Xu, Liangliang; Wang, Qizhao; Du, Haijun, ACS APPLIED NANO MATERIALS, v.6, no.23, pp.21922 - 21933, 2023-11

Phylogenetic analysis of Lamiaceae based on transcriptome data

Kim, Hyewon; Kang, Yuna; Joo, Wonkyun; Kim, Changsoo, PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY REPORTS, v.17, no.6, pp.905 - 915, 2023-12



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