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Unslotted CSMA-CD Protocols with Combined Retransmission Strategy for Fiber Optic Bus and Ring Networks

Yoon, Chong Ho; Un, Chong Kwanresearcher, COMPUTER NETWORKS AND ISDN SYSTEMS, v.21, no.5, pp.381 - 397, 1991-07

Unsupervised Extraction of Multi-Frame Features for Lip-Reading

Lee, Soo-Youngresearcher, NEURAL INFORMATION PROCESSING-LETTERS AND REVIEWS, v.10, no.4, pp.97 - 104, 2006-04

Unsupervised feature extraction for the representation and recognition of lip motion video

Lee, Michelle Jeungeun; Lee, Kyungsuk David; Lee, Soo-Youngresearcher, COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE AND BIOINFORMATICS, PT 3, PROCEEDINGS BOOK SERIES: LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE, v.4115, pp.741 - 746, 2006

Unsupervised learning of a deep neural network for metal artifact correction using dual-polarity readout gradients

Kwon, Kinam; Kim, Dongchan; Kim, Byungjai; Park, Hyun Wookresearcher, MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN MEDICINE, v.83, no.1, pp.124 - 138, 2020-01

Unsupervised Segmentation of Overlapped Nuclei Using Bayesian Classification

Jung, Chan-Ho; Kim, Chang-Ickresearcher; Chae, Seoung-Wan; Oh, Suk-Joong, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING, v.57, no.12, pp.2825 - 2832, 2010-12

Unsupervised Texture Segmentation of Natural Scene Images Using Region-based Markov Random Field

O, Na Kyoung; Kim, Chang-Ickresearcher, JOURNAL OF SIGNAL PROCESSING SYSTEMS FOR SIGNAL IMAGE AND VIDEO TECHNOLOGY, v.83, no.3, pp.423 - 436, 2016-06

Unsupervised video object segmentation and tracking based on new edge features

Kim, Byung-Gyu; Park, Dong-Joresearcher, PATTERN RECOGNITION LETTERS, v.25, no.15, pp.1731 - 1742, 2004-11

UPC/NPC algorithm for guaranteed QoS in ATM networks

Kim, YJ; Chang, SC; Un, Chong-Kwanresearcher; Shin, Byung-Cheol, COMPUTER COMMUNICATIONS, v.19, no.3, pp.216 - 225, 1996-03

Uplink Capacity Improvement Through Orthogonal Code Hopping in Uplink-Synchronized CDMA Systems

Jung, Bang Chul; Cho, Sung Soo; Sung, Dan Keunresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS, v.8, no.11, pp.5404 - 5410, 2009-11

Uplink SCMA System With Multiple Antennas

Lim, Seung-Chan; Kim, Namshik; Park, Hyuncheolresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VEHICULAR TECHNOLOGY, v.66, no.8, pp.6982 - 6992, 2017-08

Uplink spectrum resource allocation in heterogeneous networks (small cell/macrocell)

Bembe, Mncedisi Jacob; Kim, Jeongchan; Mhlanga, Martin; Rho, Jae Jeungresearcher; Han, Youngnamresearcher, ANNALS OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS-ANNALES DES TELECOMMUNICATIONS, v.70, no.7-8, pp.311 - 319, 2015-08

Upper Bound for the Loss of Energy Detection of Signals in Multipath Fading Channels

Lim, Yi-Rang; Park, Ju-Ho; Sung, Young-Chulresearcher, IEEE SIGNAL PROCESSING LETTERS, v.16, pp.949 - 952, 2009-11

Upper Bounds on Error Probability of Equalisation Schemes in Wireless Infrared Link

Park, Hyuncheolresearcher, ELECTRONICS LETTERS, v.37, no.5, pp.319 - 321, 2001-03

Upper Limits on Achievable Storage Density Using Turbo Equalization in 2-D Magnetic Recording

No, Jaehyeong; Moon, Jaekyunresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MAGNETICS, v.51, no.11, 2015-11

Urban structure classification using the 3D normal distribution transform for practical robot applications

Choe, Yungeun; Shim, Inwook; Chung, Myung Jinresearcher, ADVANCED ROBOTICS, v.27, pp.351 - 371, 2013-04

Use of 1,3-dithiane combined with aryldiazonium cation for immobilization of biomolecules based on electrochemical addressing

Haque, Al-Monsur Jiaul; Kwon, Seung-Ryong; Park, Hyejin; Kim, Tae-Hyun; Oh, Young-Seok; Choi, Sung-Yoolresearcher; Hong, Jong-Dal; et al, CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, no.32, pp.4865 - 4867, 2009

Use of a Columnar Metal Thin Film as a Nanosieve with Sub-10 nm Pores

Choi, Dong-Hoon; Han, Yong Duk; Lee, Byung-Kee; Choi, Seon-Jin; Yoon, Hyun C.; Lee, Dae-Sik; Yoon, Jun-Boresearcher, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.24, no.32, pp.4408 - 4413, 2012-08

Use of an Adaptive Window in PID-plus Bang-Bang Control : A Motor Control Experiment

Jung, SH; Cho, KHresearcher; Lee, SH; Kim, TGresearcher; Lim, JTresearcher, KITE JOURNAL OF ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING, v.7, no.3, pp.9 - 14, 1996-01

Use of linear programming for dynamic subcarrier and bit allocation in multiuser OFDM

Kim, I.; Park, I.-S.; Lee, Yong-Hoonresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VEHICULAR TECHNOLOGY, v.55, no.4, pp.1195 - 1207, 2006

Use of nanoporous columnar thin film in the wafer-level packaging of MEMS devices

Lee, Byung-Kee; Choi, Dong-Hoon; Yoon, Jun-Boresearcher, JOURNAL OF MICROMECHANICS AND MICROENGINEERING, v.20, no.4, 2010-04

Use of periodic pilot tones for identifying base stations of FH-OFDMA systems

Jung, YH; Lee, Yong-Hoonresearcher, IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS, v.10, pp.192 - 194, 2006-03

Use of spectral autocorrelation in spectral envelope linear prediction for speech recognition

Kim, HK; Lee, Hwang Sooresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SPEECH AND AUDIO PROCESSING, v.7, no.5, pp.533 - 541, 1999-09


SUH, IH; Bien, Zeung namresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON AUTOMATIC CONTROL, v.25, no.3, pp.600 - 603, 1980-06

Use of zeolites in the capture of charged particles from plasma

Ahn, Sung-Il; Lee, Seong-Eui; Kim, Sun-Ho; Cho, Kwan-Hyun; Choi, Kyung-Cheolresearcher, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.93, no.7, 2008-08

User Centric Content Management System for Open IPTV Over SNS

Jeon, Seunghyun; An, Sanghong; Yoon, Changwoo; Lee, Hyun-woo; Choi, Junkyunresearcher, JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKS, v.17, no.3, pp.296 - 305, 2015-06

User Grouping of Two-Stage MU-MIMO Precoding for Clustered User Geometry

Nam, Junyoung; Ko, Young-Jo; Ha, Jeongseokresearcher, IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS, v.19, no.8, pp.1458 - 1461, 2015-08

User Preference-Based Dual-Memory Neural Model With Memory Consolidation Approach

Nasir, Jauwairia; Yoo, Yong Ho; Kim, Deok Hwa; Kim, Jong-Hwanresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NEURAL NETWORKS AND LEARNING SYSTEMS, v.29, no.6, pp.2294 - 2308, 2018-06

User Prefix Caching for Average Playback Delay Reduction in Wireless Video Streaming

Hong, Jun-Pyo; Choi, Wanresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS, v.15, no.1, pp.377 - 388, 2016-01

User's Requirements for Service Robots Based on Questionnaire Survey

변증남researcher; 박광현; 방원철, 자동화기술, v.20, no.1, pp.88 - 92, 2004

User-cache Aided Transmission with Index Coding in K-user Downlink Channels

Son, Kyungrak; Lee, Jung Hoon; Choi, Wanresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS, v.18, no.12, pp.6043 - 6058, 2019-12

User-Centric Broadcasting Environment Using Intelligent Agents

Sung Ho Jin; 강경옥; Tae Meon Bae; Jun Ho Cho; Yong Man Roresearcher, 멀티미디어학회논문지, v.8, no.6, pp.814 - 826, 2005-06

Using motion-compensated frame-rate conversion for the correction of 3 : 2 pulldown artifacts in video sequences

Hilman, K; Park, HyunWookresearcher; Kim, Y, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS FOR VIDEO TECHNOLOGY, v.10, no.6, pp.869 - 877, 2000-09

UStore: STT-MRAM Based Light-Weight User-Level Storage for Enhancing Performance of Accessing Persistent Data

Song, Yong; Park, Kyu Horesearcher, IEICE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION AND SYSTEMS, v.E97D, no.3, pp.497 - 509, 2014-03

Utility Max-Min Flow Control Using Slope-Restricted Utility Functions

Cho, Jeong-woo; Chong, Song, : Communications, IEEE Transactions on, Volume: 55, Issue: 5, On page(s): 963-972, 2007-05

Utility max-min flow control using slope-restricted utility functions

Cho, JW; Chong, Songresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMMUNICATIONS, v.55, no.5, pp.963 - 972, 2007-05

Utility-based video adaptation for universal multimedia access (UMA) and content-based utility function prediction for real-time video transcoding

Wang, Y; Kim, JG; Chang, SF; Kim, Hyung-Myungresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MULTIMEDIA, v.9, pp.213 - 220, 2007-02

Utility-Optimal Multi-Pattern Reuse in Multi-Cell Networks

Son, Kyuho; Yi, Yungresearcher; Chong, Songresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS, v.10, no.1, pp.142 - 153, 2011-01

UTRAN Iub 인터페이스에서 QoS 기반의 AAL2/ATM 다중화 전송방안

정창용; 정조운; 황호영; 성단근researcher; 정수성; 방만원, 한국통신학회논문지, v.28, no.6, pp.386 - 396, 2003-06

Utterance verification using search confusion rate and its N-best approach

Kim, Kyuhong; Kim, HoiRinresearcher; Hahn, Minsooresearcher, ETRI JOURNAL, v.27, pp.461 - 464, 2005-08

Utterance Verification Using State-Level Log-Likelihood Ratio with Frame and State Selection

Kwon, SB; Kim, HoiRinresearcher, IEICE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION AND SYSTEMS, v.E93D, no.3, pp.647 - 650, 2010-03

Utterance verification using word-dependent thresholds based on probabilistic distributions of phone-level log-likelihood ratio

Kwon, Suk-Bong; Kim, Hoi-Rin, 2011-03-29

Utterance verification using word-dependent thresholds based on probabilistic distributions of phone-level log-likelihood ratio

Kwon, Suk-Bong; Kim, HoiRinresearcher, IEICE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION AND SYSTEMS, v.E91D, no.11, pp.2746 - 2750, 2008-11

UV-curable silver electrode for screen-printed thermoelectric generator

Choi, Hyeongdo; Kim, Yongjun; Song, Jinseob; Kim, Choong Sun; Lee, Gyusoup; Kim, Seongho; Park, Jiwon; et al, ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, v.29, no.20, pp.(1) - (6), 2019-05

V-shaped tin oxide nanostructures featuring a broad photocurrent signal: An effective visible-light-driven photocatalyst

Wang, Geng; Lu, Wu; Li, Jinghong; Choi, Jiyoung; Jeong, Yeonseok; Choi, Sung-Yoolresearcher; Park, Jong-Bong; et al, SMALL, v.2, no.12, pp.1436 - 1439, 2006-12

V2O5 nanowire-based nanoelectronic devices for helium detection

Han Young Yu,; Byung Hyun Kang; Ung Hwan Pi; Chan Woo Park; Choi, Sung-Yoolresearcher; Gyu Tae Kim, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.86, no.25, pp.401 - 413, 2005-06

Vacuum gate dielectric gate-all-around nanowire for hot carrier injection and bias temperature instability free transistor

Han, Jin-Woo; Moon, Dong-Il; Oh, Jae Sub; Choi, Yang-Kyuresearcher; Meyyappan, M., APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.104, no.25, 2014-06

Valley-engineered ultra-thin silicon for high-performance junctionless transistors

Kim, Seung-Yoon; Choi, Sung-Yoolresearcher; Hwang, Wan Sik; Cho, Byung-Jinresearcher, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.6, pp.29354, 2016-07

Variable Delay Time Method in the Phase-Shifted Full-Bridge Converter for Reduced Power Consumption Under Light Load Conditions

Kim, Duk-You; Kim, Chong-Eun; Moon, Gun-Wooresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS, v.28, no.11, pp.5120 - 5127, 2013-11

Variable optical mode generator in a multimode waveguide

Park, Joongwoo Brian; Yeo, Dong-Min; Shin, Sang Yungresearcher, IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS, v.18, no.17-20, pp.2084 - 2086, 2006-09

Variable structure modelling methodology: An adaptive computer architecture example

Zeigler, Bernard P.; Kim, Tag-Gonresearcher; Lee, Chilgee, TRANSACTIONS OF THE SOCIETY FOR COMPUTER SIMULATION, v.7, no.4, pp.291 - 319, 1990-12


SHIN, HB; CHO, KY; Youn, Myung Joongresearcher, ELECTRONICS LETTERS, v.27, no.20, pp.1798 - 1800, 1991-09

Variable Structure System with Fuzzy Sliding Surface

Sung-Woo Kim; Ju-Jang Leeresearcher, JOURNAL OF KIEE, v.42, no.5, pp.87 - 96, 1993-05

Variable Structure Systems using Nonlinear Sliding Surface for Position Control of DC Servo Motor

Jung-Hoon Lee; Dae-Sik Lee; Gun-Woo Moonresearcher; Ju-Jang Leeresearcher; Myung-Joong Youn, JOURNAL OF KOREAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS , v.7, no.1, pp.1 - 8, 1994-03

Variable-Length Feedback Codes Under a Strict Delay Constraint

Kim, Seong Hwan; Sung, Dan-Keunresearcher; Le-Ngoc, Tho, IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS, v.19, no.4, pp.513 - 516, 2015-04

Variable-Precision Distributed Arithmetic (VPDA) MIMO Equalizer for Power-and-Area-Efficient 112 Gb/s Optical DP-QPSK Systems

Kwon, Soon-Won; Bae, Hyeon-Minresearcher, JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY, v.31, no.2, pp.282 - 294, 2013-01

Variable-structure observer for solar-array current estimation in a photovoltaic power-generation system

Kim, IS; Youn, Myung Joongresearcher, IEE PROCEEDINGS-ELECTRIC POWER APPLICATIONS, v.152, no.4, pp.953 - 959, 2005-07

Variational formulation of Poissons equation in semiconductor at quasi-equilibrium and its applications

Lee, CY; Lee, Kwyroresearcher; Kim, Choong Ki; Kim, Moon Uhnresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRON DEVICES, v.44, no.9, pp.1507 - 1513, 1997-09

Varying electronic coupling at graphene-copper interfaces probed with Raman spectroscopy

Choi, Jieun; Koo, Seonghyun; Song, Myeongin; Jung, Dae Yool; Choi, Sung-Yoolresearcher; Ryu, Sunmin, 2D MATERIALS, v.7, no.2, pp.025006, 2020-04

VCSEL array module using (111) facet mirrors of a v-gooved silicon optical bench and angled fibers

Hwang, SH; An, JY; Kim, MH; Choi, WC; Cho, SR; Lee, SH; Cho, HS; et al, IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS, v.17, no.2, pp.477 - 479, 2005-02

VecSLAM: An Efficient Vector-Based SLAM Algorithm for Indoor Environments

Sohn, Hee Jin; Kim, Byung Kookresearcher, JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT ROBOTIC SYSTEMS, v.56, no.3, pp.301 - 318, 2009-10



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