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C-Based Design Methodology

박인철researcher, 대한전자공학회 CAD 및 VLSI 설계 연구회 학술발표회, pp.993 - 996, 대한전자공학회, 1997

C-based RTL design verification methodology for complex microprocessor

Yim, JS; Hwang, YH; Park, CJ; Choi, H; Yang, WS; Oh, HS; Park, In-Cheolresearcher; et al, Proceedings of the 1997 34th Design Automation Conference, pp.83 - 88, 1997-06-09

C-Morse: Cross-Technology Communication with Transparent Morse Coding

Yin, Zhimeng; Jiang, Wenchao; Kim, Song Minresearcher; He, Tian, IEEE Conference on Computer Communications (IEEE INFOCOM), IEEE Communications Society, 2017-05-03

Cache miss-aware dynamic stack allocation

Jang, S.-J.; Chung, M.-K.; Kim, J.; Kyung, Chong-Minresearcher, 2007 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, ISCAS 2007, pp.3494 - 3497, 2007-05-27

CAD for Microsystems Design

Kyung, Chong-Minresearcher, KUSDAM, 1993-11

CAD Software 개발에 관한 연구

경종민researcher; 박송배; 임인철; 차균현; 김형곤, 과학기술처 '86 특정연구결과 발표회, pp.69 - 72, 1987

CAD 시스템에서 미세석회화 검출을 위한 마모그램 전처리 과정

노용만researcher, 의용생체공학회, pp.170 - 170, 2004-11-01

CAD 시스템에서 미세석회화의 적응 검출 방법의 연구

노용만researcher, 의용생체공학회, pp.610 - 613, 2003-11-07

CAD 시스템에서 종괴의 특성에 기반한 자동적인 특징값 선택 방법에 관한 연구

노용만researcher, 2007 신호처리합동학술대회, 2007-10-01

CAD를 활용한 유방 종괴 검출에서 false positive 감소를 위한 특징정보 융합에 관한 연구

이승현; 김대회; 최재영; 노용만researcher, 2011 멀티미디어 추계학회, 멀티미디어학회, 2011-11-18

Caffe 라이브러리를 이용한 분산처리시스템 연구

김영수; 김병주; 이예강; 김준모researcher, 제 29회 영상처리 및 이해에 관한 워크샵, 대한전자공학회, 2017-02-16

Calculation of Electromagnetic Scattering from Inhomogeneous Dielectric Cylinder by Finite Element-Boundary Element Hybrid Method

Seong, N.S.; Lee, T.K.; Lee, Soo-Youngresearcher; Ra, Jung Woong, Proc. of Joint Conference on Microwaves,Electromagnetic Compatibility and Optical Devices, pp.174 - 177, 1988-02

Calculation of Induced Currents in Human Body for Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields from EAS Devices

Myung, Noh-Hoonresearcher; Lee, JO, The 2nd International Symposium on Electromagnetic Environment Technology, pp.201 - 204, 2004

Calculation of Permeability Tensor of Ferrites Using HE111 Mode

Kim, Tae Wan; Park, Seong Ookresearcher; Park, Byeong Yong, International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (ISAP2015), UTS/IEICE/IEEE, 2015-11-12

Calculation of Phonon Transmission in Si/PtSi Heterostructures

Oh, junghyun; Jang, MoonGyu; Shin, Mincheolresearcher, 18th International Workshop on Computational Electronics, IWCE, 2015-09-04

Calculation of Random Offset Deviation in Rail-to-Rail Buffer Using Transistor Threshold Mismatch for Display Driver ICs

Song, Y; 양경훈researcher, Korean Conference on Semiconductors, pp.261 - 262, 2005

Calibrated localization with 2-D laser range finder for indoor mobile robots

Kim, J.B.; Kim, Byung Kookresearcher, International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems, ICCAS 2010, pp.551 - 556, ICCAS 2010, 2010-10-27

Calibrating a non-isotropic near point light source using a plane

Tai, Yu-Wingresearcher; Park, Jaesik; Sudipta Sinha; Yasuyuki Matsushita; Kweon, In-Soresearcher, CVPR2014 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, IEEE Computer Society and the Computer Vision Foundation (CVF), 2014-06-24

Calibration algorithm for an array antenna in DTV beamforming receivers

Park, J.; Chun, Joohwanresearcher, 2010 International Conference on Consumer Electronics, ICCE 2010, pp.159 - 160, 2010 International Conference on Consumer Electronics, ICCE 2010, 2010-01-11

Calibration and 3D structure recovery under varying cameras using known angles

Ha, Jong Eun; Kweon, In-Soresearcher, 1999 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS'99): Human and Environment Friendly Robots whith High Intelligence and Emotional Quotients', v.2, pp.746 - 751, 1999-10-17



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