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Fully Digital Beamforming Receiver With a Real-Time Calibration for 5G Mobile Communication

Kim, Dong-Chan; Park, Seong-Jin; Kim, Tae-Wan; Minz, Laxmikant; Park, Seong-Ookresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION, v.67, no.6, pp.3809 - 3819, 2019-06

High power operation of 980 nm GaInAs/GaInAsP/GaInP/GaAs pump lasers prepared by multi-step MOVPE growth with ion implanted channels

Park, Chul Soonresearcher, JAPANESE JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, v.38, no.8, pp.4756 - 4763, 1999-08

Wide-angle 2D beam-steering with Si-based 16 x (1 x 16) optical phased arrays

Yoon, H.; Lee, D. -S.; Kim, S. -H.; Kang, G.; Shim, J.; Rhee, H.; Kwon, N.; et al, ELECTRONICS LETTERS, v.56, no.10, pp.501 - +, 2020-05

고차 공진 모드를 활용한 빔 조향이 가능한 고이득 구형 유전체 공진기 안테나 = Beam steerable high gain spherical dielectric resonator antenna using higher-order resonant modelink

안병권; 유종원; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2017



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