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Effects of bulk photoconductivity on photocurrent action spectra of molecular p-n heterojunction solar cells

Shevaleevskiy, O; Larina, L; Myong, SY; Lim, Koeng Suresearcher, JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY, v.153, no.1, pp.1 - 4, 2006

Overcoming the "retention vs. voltage'' trade-off in nonvolatile organic memory: Ag nanoparticles covered with dipolar self-assembled monolayers as robust charge storage nodes

Lee, Seungwon; Lee, Jinhwan; Lee, Hyunsoo; Yuk, Young Ji; Kim, Mincheol; Moon, Hanul; Seo, Jaewon; et al, ORGANIC ELECTRONICS, v.14, no.12, pp.3260 - 3266, 2013-12

Photoinduced Memory with Hybrid Integration of an Organic Fullerene Derivative and an Inorganic Nanogap-Embedded Field-Effect Transistor for Low-Voltage Operation

Kim, Chung-Jin; Choi, Sung-Jin; Kim, Sung-Ho; Han, Jin-Woo; Kim, Ho-Yeon; Yoo, Seung-Hyupresearcher; Choi, Yang-Kyuresearcher, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.23, no.29, pp.3326 - 3326, 2011-08



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