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GPU-based fast projection-backprojection algorithm for 3-D PET image reconstruction

Ahn, I.J.; Jeong, K.Y.; Nam, W.H.; Kim, J.H.; Ra Jong Beomresearcher, Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (NSS/MIC), 2011 IEEE, pp.2672 - 2674, IEEE, 2011-10-27

Phased attenuation correction and respiratory motion compensation of PET Image by using a CT Image and multiple respiratory-phase MR imag

Nam, W.H; Lee, D.; Ahn, I.J.; Jeong, K.Y.; Kim, J.H; Ra Jong Beomresearcher, 2011 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference, NSS/MIC 2011, pp.3792 - 3795, IEEE, 2011-10-28

Post processing for blocking artifact reduction

Yoo, S. B; Choi, K; Ra Jong Beomresearcher, 2011 18th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, ICIP 2011, pp.1541 - 1544, IEEE, 2011-09-13

Super-resolution based on deblurred PET images

Kim, J.H.; Jeong, K.Y.; Nam, Y.H.; Ahn, I.J.; Ra Jong Beomresearcher, International Forum on Medical Imaging in Asia, pp.345 - 346, IFMIA (International Forum on Medical Imaging in Asia), 2011-01-19



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