Many-view under-sampling dual-energy low-dose diagnostic CT scan

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Sparse sampling method is one viable option to low-dose CT, and has been actively investigated in terms of both reconstruction algorithm and physical realization of the sampling. Sparse-view sampling is a straightforward way and is considered a feasible solution particularly to various cone-beam CT applications. Diagnostic CT systems, however, would find the sparse-view sampling difficult to achieve if not impossible. Recently, we have proposed and developed another type of sparse sampling scheme, which is called many-view under-sampling (MVUS). In the MVUS scheme, the x-ray beam is partially blocked by multiple radio-opaque strips thereby reducing the radiation dose to the patient. Its feasibility and experimental implementation in CBCT systems have been reported. In this work, we applied the MVUS scheme to a diagnostic CT system for the first time to our best knowledge. In addition, it is demonstrated that dual-energy imaging from a single MVUS scan is possible. The results are yet to be improved and optimized. However, we believe that the MVUS approach in combination with the low tube current technology would contribute to lowering the dose in CT scans substantially.
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Fully Three-Dimensional Image Reconstruction in Radiology an Nuclear Medicine

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