Dynamic Rheological Characteristics of Ethanol Based Gel Propellant

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Because of the high toxicity of conventional propellant, the interest about low toxic and eco-friendly propellant is getting higher than before. Gelled propellant is the most promising solution at the time, and we chose ethanol as parent fuel which is liquid propellant of low toxic. In present study, the experiments had been performed to analyze dynamic rheological characteristics of ethanol gel propellant. The gelling agent used for gelation process was methylcellulose, and its concentration was three different wt% of 9, 10 and 11. To check the linear viscoelastic range of ethanol gels, strain sweep test had been conducted. The intra 3D network structure of ethanol gels were starting to collapse around 20 Pa. Phase angle of ethanol gels were checked to determine and verify the yield point. Frequency sweep test had been conducted to analyze elasticity and viscosity of ethanol gels. From the result of frequency sweep test, we can identify that elasticity is dominant in this viscoelastic gel.
International Conference on Engineering, Technology, and Applied Science (ICETA 2015)
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International Conference on Engineering, Technology, and Applied Science (ICETA 2015)

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