LG display's first module plant in Europe

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As of 2012, LG Display was one of the largest LCD manufacturers in the world. Headquartered in Seoul, Korea, LGD had one R&D center, twelve LCD panel plants, and nine LCD module plants in Korea, China, and Poland. As the head of his company's Strategy and Marketing Center, Senior VP Champ Shin was evaluating one of the most important long-term strategic choices he had helped LGD to undertake in 2004. It was the company's decision to build its first module plant in Europe. In fact, it was the first plant LGD had ever built outside Korea and China. Now he had to assess the performance of the module plant in Europe for the last 5 years since it had started manufacturing in 2007 and report the overall evaluation result to the company's executive committee. Mr. Shin was preparing the report in two parts, one about the decision-making processes in 2004 his team had gone through to decide to build the European plant in Poland and the other about the plant's performance since its construction completed in 2007. In the report, he planned to describe the detailed steps taken by his team when making the decision and the plant's various performance outcomes. Shin thought he and his team had made a good choice, which was evidenced by the excellent performance observed from the module plant in Poland. Believing that his experience in making LGD's first European operations successful would be a valuable lesson for the entire company, Shin already started to chart out the company's next strategy.
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