Analysis of the effect of wavelength detuning on injection-locking characteristics in optical logic blocks using single mode fabry-p\acute{e}rot laser diodes단일모드 페브리-페롯 레이저 다이오드를 이용한 광학소자의 주입잠김 특성에서 파장천이 효과의 분석에 관한 연구

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This dissertation presents an analysis of the effect of wavelength detuning (WD) on injection-locking characteristics such as injection power, hysteresis width (HW), ON/OFF contrast ratio (OOCR), and rising/falling time ($t_R/t_F$) of optical logic blocks using single mode Fabry-P´erot laser diodes (SMFP-LD) for better output performance. Basing on the analytical data, we can estimate the range of WD which satisfies the requirements for realizing specific SMFP-LD based optical logic blocks. It is also possible to find the optimum WD, from the estimated WD range, for best output performance in terms of rising/falling time or HW. The analysis is then applied to find the optimum WDs for two applications, including all-optical set-reset flip-flop (AOSRFF) and all-optical address decoder (AOAD). For better understanding through remaining part of the dissertation, it is noted that an output mode refers to the self-locked mode of the respective SMFP-LD (in case of single input) or a side mode which is close to one of the inputs (in case of two inputs). Knowing the possibilities of output signal quality with different input parameters for injection-locking and suppression of the dominant or probe beam, designers will be able to save the time and cost to deploy optical logic blocks. From the analytical data, some important trends are observed. Given the same injected mode, the larger the WD is, the higher injection power is required to lock the SMFP-LD; the larger the WD is, the larger the corresponding HW is; the HW is narrower and the OOCR is lower if additional beam is added at the output mode; and, there is an optimum WD for lowest rising/falling time of the output signal. The optimum WD is fixed only when all conditions are not changed and it will be changed if one of the input conditions is varied; for examples, an additional beam is added to the output mode, the WD of the additional beam is changed, or the power of the additional beam is changed. Basing on the b...
Won, Yong-Hyubresearcher원용협
한국과학기술원 : 정보통신공학과,
Issue Date
591854/325007  / 020065250

학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 정보통신공학과, 2014.8, [ ix, 81 p. ]


optical logic block; 파장천이; all-optical SR flip-flop; all-optical address decoder; 단일모드 페브리-페롯 레이저 다이오드; wavelength detuning; optical logic block; single mode FP-LD; all-optical SR flip-flop; all-optical address decoder

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