An accurate and efficient place detection system for smartphones based on the superstate model중첩 상태 모델에 기반한 정확하고 효율적인 장소 인식 시스템

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The emergence of smartphones had brought many innovative changes to our lives. Especially, localization techniques, which allow the devices to estimate their current locations, improved the usefulness and effectiveness of location-based services. As a result, location-based services have become the killer applications of smartphones, and nowadays, many location-based services have been widely used.Moreover, the localization techniques enable proactive location-based services to be realized. Proactive location-based services are the mobile applications that automatically provide location-based functionalities and information without any request from the users. In order to provide proactive location-based services, it is necessary to obtain locations of the users that are periodically recorded using smartphones. Since most of the smartphone users carry their devices at anywhere and anytime, it is possible to obtain the entire trajectories of the users and to provide proactive location-based services in smartphone.In order to make the proactive location-based services conveniently, smartphones should provide not only location records of the users but also the information about places. Normally, it is more convenient if the services are provided with information about places than with raw coordinates on the map. Moreover, there is a high possibility that the places where the users have visited are meaningful to them. Therefore, for proactive location-based services, it is important to detect places where the users have visited, so many approaches for place detection based on periodic localization have been proposed for the last 10 years.However, most of the previously proposed place detection approaches are unsuitable for the latest high-performance smartphones. The high-performance Central Processing Unit (CPU) in the latest smartphones requires substantial battery power while it is being operated; if the device periodically performs positioning, the battery powe...
Han, Dong-Sooresearcher한동수
한국과학기술원 : 정보통신공학과,
Issue Date
566050/325007  / 020058009

학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 정보통신공학과, 2013.8, [ x, 112 p. ]


place detection; 정지 상태 감지; 실내 실외 구분; 위치 인식; 스마트폰; 장소 인식; smartphone; localization; indoor-outdoor classification; standstill detection

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