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Catalytic steam gasification of lignite char

, FUEL, v.68, no.4, pp.416-421, 1988-06

Catastrophic vs Gradual Collapse of Thin-Walled Nanocrystalline Ni Hollow Cylinders As Building Blocks of Microlattice Structures

Lian, Jie; Jang, Dongchanresearcher; Valdevit, Lorenzo; Schaedler, Tobias A.; Jacobsen, Alan J.; Carter, William B.; Greer, Julia R., NANO LETTERS, v.11, no.10, pp.4118 - 4125, 2011-10

Categorization methods of nuclear materials used in advanced nuclear fuel cycles for physical protection systems

Lee, Chanki; Choi, Sungyeolresearcher; Kim, Woo Jin; Kim, Min Su; Jeong, Yon Hong, NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND DESIGN, v.320, pp.374 - 385, 2017-08

Cavity Gas Dynamics for Light Ion Beam Fusion Reactors

이건재researcher, Bull. Korean Phys. Soc., 1984

CCD camera와 다중 광로를 이용한 플라즈마 내 입자 크기 측정 광학계 개발

채길병; 선창래; 최원호researcher, , 2007-02

CCD-based EPID and Frame Averaging Technique

Cho, Gyuseongresearcher, 대한의용생체공학회 추계학술대회, 대한의용생체공학회, 1998-11

CCD를 이용한 전자포탈영상장치의 엑스선 계측기 특성에 관한 연구

정용현; 김호경; 조규성researcher; 안성규; 이형구; 윤세철, 의공학회지, v.21, no.2, pp.119 - 127, 2000-10

Cell cycle arrest in human aortic endothelial cells induced by atmospheric pressure plasma

Gweon, Bomi; Kim, Hyeonyu; Park, Sanghu; Shim, Eunyoung; Choe, Wonhoresearcher; Shin, Jennifer Hyunjongresearcher, The 2nd International Symposium for Plasma Biosciences, Kwangwoon University Plasma Bioscience Research Center, 2012-08-13

Cell Homogenization Method for Strongly Heterogeneous Research Reactors

Lee, J.T; Lee, B.H; Cho, Nam-Zinresearcher; Oh, S.K, Proc. of the International Topical Meeting on Advanced in Math. Computation, and Reactor Physics, v.3, pp.1 - 12, 1991-04

Centrally-Shielded Burnable Absorber for LWR Fuel

Yahya, Mohd Syukri; Kim, Yongheeresearcher, ICAPP 2017, ANS, 2017-04-28

Centrifugal Filtration System for Severe Accident Source Term Treatment

Liu, Shu Chang; Yim, Man Sungresearcher, Korean Nuclear Society Spring Conference Meeting 2016, Korean Nuclear Society, 2016-05-12

Ceramic scintillator-coupled linear array PIN photodiode for X-ray scanner

Kim, Kwang Hyun; Kang, Dong-Wan; Cho, Gyuseongresearcher; Kim, Do Kyungresearcher, NUCLEAR INSTRUMENTS METHODS IN PHYSICS RESEARCH SECTION A-ACCELERATORS SPECTROMETERS DETECTORS AND ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT, v.579, no.1, pp.208 - 212, 2007-08

Cesium Diffusion Tests in Graphite With Optimized ICP-MS Measurement Conditions

백제균; 류호진researcher; 여성환; 이영우; 이정묵, 한국방사성폐기물학회 2017 춘계학술대회, 한국방사성폐기물학회, 2017-05-25

Cesium iodide 섬광체의 픽셀 구조화 및 표면처리가 섬광특성에 미치는 영향

김병직; 차보경; 조규성researcher; 김현덕; 박병하, 대한방사선방어학회, 대한방사선방어학회, 2006

CFD aided approach to design printed circuit heat exchangers for supercritical CO2 Brayton cycle application

Kim, Seong Gu; Lee, Youho; Ahn, Yoonhan; Lee, Jeong-Ikresearcher, ANNALS OF NUCLEAR ENERGY, v.92, pp.175 - 185, 2016-06

CFD analysis and experiment on turbulent flow with and without a fuel-assembly spacer grid by FLUENT and LDA = Fluent와 LDA를 이용한 핵연료 봉다발 지지격자가 난류유동에 미치는 영향에 관한 CFD 연구와 실험link

Yeom, Geum-Su; 염금수; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2002

CFD Analysis and Structural Safety Assessment of a Bypass Mitigation Device Used During a Ti-SGTR Accidental Release From a MSSV

Wang, Wung Jae; Yim, Man-Sungresearcher, ASME 2019 Pressure Vessels & Piping Conference, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2019-07-14

CFD Analysis of a Centrifugal Pump with Supercritical Carbon Dioxide as a Working Fluid

김성구; 안윤한; 이제경; 이정익researcher; 차재은; Addad, Y, 2013 한국원자력학회 춘계학술대회, 한국원자력학회, 2013-05-30

CFD Analysis of a Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Compressor

Kim, Seong Gu; Lee, JeongIkresearcher; Ahn, Yoonhan; Lee, Jekyoung; Cha, Jae Eun; Yacine Addad, Transactions of the Korean Nuclear Society Autumn Meeting, Korean Nuclear Society, 2012-10

CFD Analysis of Dry Storage System for CANDU Spent Fuel using Fluent 6.2

Shin, Byungsoo; Jeong, Yong Hoonresearcher; Chang, Soon-Heungresearcher, Korean Nuclear Society Spring Meeting, Korean Nuclear Society, 2006-05-25



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