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A local weighting method to the integration of neural network and case based reasoning

Park J.H.; Shin C.-K.; Im K.H.; Park, Sang Chan, Neutral Networks For Signal Processing XI: Proceedings of the 2001 IEEE Signal Processing Society Workshop, pp.33 - 42, 2001

Customer's Time-Variant Purchase Behavior and Corresponding Marketing Strategies: An Online Retailer's Case

Ha, SH; Bae, SM; Park, Sang Chan, COMPUTERS AND INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING, v.43, no.4, pp.801 - 820, 2002-09

Data warehouse based knowledge discovery and refinement architecture for telecommunication industry

Park, Sang Chan; Kim T., SICE Annual Conference 2005, pp.516 - 520, 2005-08-08

Feature-weighted CBR with neural network for symbolic features

Park, Sang Chan; Kim J.W.; Im K.H., International Conference on Intelligent Computing, ICIC 2006, pp.1012 - 1020, 2006-08-16

QFD 릉 이용한 고객만족 전략 수립 절차에 관한 연구

박상찬; 강부식; 김태한, 품질경영학회, pp.636 - 641, 2001

Ubiquitous Customer Relationship Management (uCRM)

Park, Sang Chan; Im K.H.; Suh J.H.; Kim C.Y.; Kim J.W., 2nd International Conference on Rough Sets and Knowledge Technology, RSKT 2007, v.4481 LNAI, pp.324 - 330, 2007-05-14

Ubiquitous water recycle management service proposal in ubiquitous city

Park S.-J.; Bae S.-Y.; Jin J.-H.; Suh J.-H.; Park, Sang Chan, 16th International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence - Workshops, ICAT 2006, pp.558 - 561, 2006-11-29

멀티미디어를 이용한 원격영재교육

박상찬; 배성민; 유성진; 이군현, 전국과학영재교육 워크샵, pp.71 - 88, 1999

유커머스의 보험업 적용

박상찬; 서종환, Entrue World 2005, 2005



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