Identity play : self-presentation and transformations in MMORPG = 아이덴티티 플레이 : MMORPG 아바타 커스터마이징에서 자기 표현과 변형

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This dissertation investigated the user identity projection phenomenon in MMORPG, an environment where various cultural phenomena can be observed due to remarkable technical development and unique game contexts. Technological developments have led to customizable systems that can be used to create character designs of ideal appearance based on elaborate graphics. Also, the increased usability and elaborateness of customizing tools of the avatar creation process continue to further maximize the imagination of users. As a communication tool that represents a user, the avatar concept is being researched not only directly in itself, but also regarding the personality and physical qualities presented in the avatar appearance. Although previous studies have focused on inner self-expressiveness to study the concept of identity, recent technologies have expanded the concept of identity to the concept of identity play, which is explained as playful-expressiveness to users. Identity play is a term that describes the process and motive by which a user projects his or her identity in a player-design avatar and continuously makes changes to the relevant design. This dissertation conducted three studies to explain identity play. In the first study, we carried out an actual condition survey on ethnography and demographics shed light on the identity play phenomenon in order to observe gender issues, the starting point of customizing, as well as customizing motives. Second, as the most basic stage of identity projection, we conducted a subjectivity study on the attitude regarding user gender and the attitude for secondary customizing transformation that uses plastic surgery. We used the Q methodology to acquire 82 concourse statements, which is the “universal view” for the previously explained attitude, for the attitude regarding user gender and 64 statements for the attitude regarding the secondary customizing transformation. This study conducted a (P-set) factor analysis t...
Shi, Chung-Konresearcher시정곤
한국과학기술원 : 문화기술대학원,
Issue Date
511388/325007  / 020055839

학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 문화기술대학원, 2012.8, [ vi, 91 p. ]


Q methodology; Customization; Identity play; MMORPG; Avatar; 아이덴티티 플레이; 커스터마이징; Q 방법론; MMORPG; 아바타; 젠더; Gender

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