Stochastic geometric approach for quality link provisioning in large-scale wireless networks = 대규모 무선 네트워크에서의 링크 신뢰성 보장을 위한 Stochastic Geometry 접근 방안에 대한 연구

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This thesis is concerned with the performance analysis of interference-limited large-scale wireless networks in the setting of random node distribution. Using the tools from stochastic geometry, we consider wireless systems that randomly located transmitters are uncoordinated and mutually interfered with each other. Special emphasis is placed on how to combat and control the spatial interference. In Chapter~ref{ch3}, the first topic we address is the performance analysis of relay cooperation for a source-destination pair embedded in the Poisson field of interferers. In the presence of a large number of relays, some effective relays close to the source and destination nodes need to be regionally elected and the relays far from them shall be disregarded for relay selection process because of the likelihood of higher outage probability. Hence, we envisage a selection guideline such that the relays geographically close to the source and destination are preferred to the others. It can ensure a target Quality of-Service (QoS) as well as reduce signaling overhead and relay-selection delay. A spatial region, called the emph{QoS region}, is obtained according to relay selection criterions, such as random relay selection and best relay selection, and is shown to shrink as the distance between the source and destination increases and interfering node density increases. When the QoS region for random relay selection is not large enough and cannot probabilistically ensure a reliable relay therein, the best relay selection is employed since the required relay-node density and selection range for a desired QoS can be reduced for the best relay selection. The gain of the best relay selection with respect to the random relay selection is quantified in terms of the relay-node density reduction and covera...
Choi, Wanresearcher최완
한국과학기술원 : 전기및전자공학과,
Issue Date
511901/325007  / 020075432

학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 전기및전자공학과, 2012.8, [ vii, 101 p. ]


coverage probability; Heterogeneous cellular network; relay selection; cognitive relay; QoS; Relay cooperation; repulsive cell activation; stochastic geometry; 릴레이 협력 통신; 인지 릴레이; 릴레이 선택; 이종 네트워크; 망 부하 관리; 셀 이격 제어; load balancing

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