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Human skin-inspired integrated multidimensional sensors based on highly anisotropic structures

Chen, Haomin; Jing, Ying; Lee, Jeng-Hun; Liu, Dan; Kim, Jungmo; Chen, Shusheng; Huang, Kan; et al, MATERIALS HORIZONS, v.7, no.9, pp.2378 - 2389, ACCEPT

Controlling hot electron flux and catalytic selectivity with nanoscale metal-oxide interfaces

Lee, Si Woo; Kim, Jong Min; Park, Woonghyeon; Lee, Hyosun; Lee, Gyu Rac; Jung, Yousungresearcher; Jung, Yeon Sikresearcher; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.12, no.1, pp.40, 2021-12

A nanoarchitectured cermet composite with extremely low Ni content for stable high-performance solid oxide fuel cells

Park, Jung Hoon; Lee, Jong-Ho; Yoon, Kyung Joong; Kim, Hyoungchul; Ji, Ho-Il; Yang, Sungeun; Park, Sangbaek; et al, Acta Materialia, v.206, pp.116580, 2021-03

Tailoring nanostructured NbCoSn-based thermoelectric materials via crystallization of an amorphous precursor

JUNG, Chanwon; Dutta, Biswanath; Dey, Poulumi; Jeon, Seong-jae; Han, Seungwoo; Lee, Hyun-Mo; Park, Jin-Seong; et al, Nano Energy, v.80, pp.105518, 2021-02

Effect of co-deformation of ceramic layer in Ag/Al-doped ZnO nanolayered composites

Kang, Dong Gyu; Nam, Hyeon Gyun; Kim, DaeHo; Han, Seung Min Janeresearcher, Extreme Mechanics Letters, v.43, pp.101171, 2021-02

Dissecting functional degradation in NiTi shape memory alloys containing amorphous regions via atomistic simulations

Ko, Won-Seok; Choi, Won Seok; Xu, Guanglong; Choi, Pyuck-Paresearcher; Ikeda, Yuji; Grabowski, Blazej, ACTA MATERIALIA, v.202, pp.331 - 349, 2021-01

Liquid-Flowing Graphene Chip-Based High-Resolution Electron Microscopy

Koo, Kunmo; Park, Jungjae; Ji, Sanghyeon; Toleukhanova, Saltanat; Yuk, Jong Minresearcher, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.33, no.2, pp.2005468, 2021-01

Extremely Stable Luminescent Crosslinked Perovskite Nanoparticles under Harsh Environments over 1.5 years

Jang, Junho; Kim, Young-Hoon; Park, Sunjoong; Yoo, Dongsuk; Cho, Hyunjin; Jang, Jinhyeong; Jeong, Han Beom; et al, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.33, no.3, 2021-01

Preparation of high-performance transparent glass-fiber reinforced composites based on refractive index-tunable epoxy-functionalized siloxane hybrid matrix

Jang, Junho; Im, Hyeon-Gyun; Lim, DaeSeop; Bae, Byeong-Sooresearcher, COMPOSITES SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, v.201, pp.108527, 2021-01

High-performance Gas Sensor Array for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring: The Role of Au Nanoparticles on WO3, SnO2, and NiO-based Gas Sensors

Lee, Jinho; Jung, Youngmo; Sung, Seung-Hyun; Lee, Gilho; Kim, Jungmo; Seong, Jin; Shim, Young-Seok; et al, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, v.9, no.2, pp.1159 - 1167, 2021-01

Transforming gum wastes into high tap density micron-sized carbon with ultra-stable high-rate Li storage

Cheong, Jun Young; Venkateshaiah, Abhilash; Yun, Tae Gwang; Shin, Sung-Ho; Cernik, Miroslav; Padil, Vinod V. T.; Kim, Il-Dooresearcher; et al, ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, v.367, pp.137419, 2021-01

Friction Control by Deformation Mode in Nanopatterned Amorphous Carbon

Shin, Dahye; Kang, DongGyu; Woo, Kie Young; Cho, Yong-Hoonresearcher; Han, Seung Min Janeresearcher; Jang, Dongchanresearcher, Nano Letters, v.21, no.1, pp.107 - 113, 2021-01

Investigation of Self-reinforced and High-thermal Conductive Silicon Nitride with Pressureless Multi-step Sintering

공정훈; 김도경researcher; 마호진, 2020 엔지니어링세라믹스 심포지엄, 한국세라믹학회, 2020-12-04

Influence of Crystal Orientation of Dielectric Properties of Bulk BaTiO3 Fabricated by Templated Grain Growth

이승용; 김도경researcher; 왕지은, 2020 엔지니어링세라믹스 심포지엄, 한국세라믹학회, 2020-12-04

Fracture Behavior of Thin Glass-Polymer Bilayer under Dynamic Indentation

김동규; 김도경researcher; 백승진; 공정훈, 2020 엔지니어링세라믹스 심포지엄, 한국세라믹학회, 2020-12-04

Perovskite/Si tandem cells enabled by efficient and stable wide bandgap perovskite via anion-engineered two-dimensional additives

Kim, Daehan; Shin, Byungharesearcher, 2020 MRS Virtual Spring/Fall Meeting & Exhibit, Materials Research Society, 2020-12-04

FRACTAL: Signal amplification of immunofluorescence via cyclic staining of target molecules

Cho, Yehlin; Seo, Junyoung; Sim, Yeonbo; Chung, Jinkyoung; Park, Chan E.; Park, Chun Gwon; Kim, Doory; et al, NANOSCALE, v.12, no.46, pp.23506 - 23513, 2020-12

Magnetic Modulation by Oxygen Vacancies in Epitaxial Ga0.5Fe1.5O3-delta

Kim, Hyun Jung; Jeen, Hyoungjeen; Seo, Yu-Seong; Hwang, Jungseek; Hong, Seungbumresearcher, JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY, v.77, no.12, pp.1204 - 1209, 2020-12

Effects of vinylene carbonate and 1,3-propane sultone on high-rate cycle performance and surface properties of high-nickel layered oxide cathodes

Oh, Jimin; Kim, Jumi; Lee, Yong Min; Kim, Ju Young; Shin, Dong Ok; Lee, Myeong Ju; HONG, DANIEL SEUNGBUMresearcher; et al, MATERIALS RESEARCH BULLETIN, v.132, pp.111008, 2020-12

Breaking the elastic limit of piezoelectric ceramics using nanostructures: A case study using ZnO

Kim, Hoon; Yun, Seokjung; Kim, Kisun; Kim, Wonsik; Ryu, Jeongjae; Nam, Hyeon Gyun; Han, Seung Minresearcher; et al, NANO ENERGY, v.78, 2020-12



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