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Does the Chen-Zhang model capture the time-varying patterns in stock returns?

Kang, Jangkooresearcher; Lee, Changjun; Kang, Hankil, 재무관련 5개 통합학회, 2010

Does the distance enhance analyst forecast accuracy? Evidence from group analysts in korea

Jung, Kooyulresearcher; Lim, Young deok, 한국회계학회, 2008

Does the distance enhance anlayst forecast accuracy? Evidnece from group anlaysts in Korea

Jung, Kooyulresearcher; Lim, Young deok, American Accounting Association, 2008

Dynamic Modeling with Simulation : BPR Approach

Kim, Hee-Woong; Kim, Young-Gulresearcher, 1996 Asia-Pacific DSI Conference, pp.1301 - 1310, 1996-06

Dynamic Non-myopic Portfolio Behavior

Kim, Tong Sukresearcher; Omberg, Edward, Western Finance Association 1994 Conference, 1994-06-21

e-coupon사용의도에 대한 지각된 행동통제의 영향

현용진researcher; 한민희researcher, 2005 한국소비자학회 학술대회, pp.65 - 84, 한국소비자학회, 2005-10

e-CRM and Words of Mouth

Kim, Eunjin; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, Asian eBusiness Workshop, pp.20 - 26, 2005

e-Marketplace에서의 비교광고를 위한 비교 도전에 의한 광고 계획 모델

이재규researcher; 이재원, 한국지능정보시스템확회 추계학술대회, v.2, pp.411 - 422, 2002-11

ECRMS: A Meta System for SE Environment Incorporating Abstraction Mechanism

Park, Sung Jooresearcher; Woo, J. M., CASE'88, pp.627 - 631, 1988

EDI 감사용 의사결정지원시스템의 개발

한인구researcher; 이상재, 한국경영정보학회 EIS/DSS연구회 제4차 학술대회, 한국경영정보학회, 1995

EDI에 있어서 내부통제가 시스템 유용성 및 보안성에 미치는 영향

한인구researcher; 이재창, 한국경영정보학회 '95 춘계학술대회, 한국경영정보학회, 1995

Effect of bundling of new telecommunications service: A customer life cycle perspective

Ahn, Jae-Hyeonresearcher; Hsu, Wen-Ling; Sichel, Lynn; Skudlark, Ann, ITS Biennial Conference, International Telecommunications Society, 2004-09

Effect of Lateral Partners on Law Firm Performance

Kim, Kwangho; Kim, Tae-Hyunresearcher; Byun, Heejung, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Academy of Management, 2012-08

Effectiveness of bonus and penalty incentive contracts in supply chain exchanges: Does national culture matter?

이윤신researcher; Ribbink, Dina; Eckerd, Stephanie, 추계학술대회, 한국경영과학회, 2017-10-27

Effects of Experience and Contract on Firm Performance and Relational Norms in the SME Buyer-Supplier Relationship

Kim, Bowonresearcher; Park, Kwangtae; Park, Geun wan; Sim, Jeong Eun, Asian SME Conference For Leading Asian Era and Creative Economy, ACSB (Asia Council for Small Business), 2013-10-31

Effects of Information Technology on Team Innovation and Inter-team Coordination: An Exploratory Investigation of Process Ambidexterity

Kwak, C; Lee, J; Lee, Heeseokresearcher, HICSS 49, HICSS, 2016-01

Effects of web retail service quality and product categories on consumer behavior: A research model and empirical exploration

Choi, Byounggu; Lee, Choongseok; Lee, Heeseokresearcher; Subramani, Mani, HICSS 04, v.37, pp.2751 - 2760, 2004-01-05

Efficiency of Direct Estimation Method in Batsell and Polking's Model

박상준; 한민희researcher; 신창훈, 대한산업공학회 /한국경영과학회 춘계공동학술대회, pp.283 - 286, The Korean Operations Research and Management Science Society, 1997-04

Efficient storage management for large dynamic objects

Hwang, Byungyeon; Moon, Songchunresearcher; Jung, Inhwan, IEEE Computer Society International Conference on System Architecture and Integration, 1994, pp.37 - 44, IEEE, 1994

Electric Utility Capacity Expansion Planning Under Uncertainty

Nam, Bowoo; Ahn, Byong Hunresearcher, TIMS 27th International Meeting, 1986



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