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Default Correlation Dynamics with Business Cycle and Credit Quality Changes

Kim, Mi Ae; Kim, Tong Sukresearcher, 2002년도 한국선물학회 정기학술대회, 한국선물학회, 2002-12-13

Demand Correlation and Strategic Decisions in a Branched Supply Chain

Jung, Hee-Don; Rhee, Seung-Kyu; Ahn, Byong Hun, INFORMS National Meeting, 1996

Derivative Prices with Uncertain Expected returns

현정순researcher, 2nd Proceeding of Korean Securities Association, Korean Securities Association, 2007-05-25

Design and Implementation of A Storage System for Object-Oriented Databases

Kim, Chikwon; Moon, Songchunresearcher, Proceedings of the Korea Information Science Society Database Symposium, pp.131 - 138, 1992

Design and Implementation of Distributed Storage System

Kim, Won Young; Moon, Songchunresearcher, Proceedings of the Korea Information Science Society Conference, pp.81 - 84, 1991

Design of Communication Networks with Survivability Constraints

Myung, Y.S.; Kim, H.J.; Tcha, Dong Wanresearcher, Korea Telecommunications International Symposium, pp.42 - 48, 1994

Designing Customer Information System for Dynamic Customer Relationship Management

Park, Chung-Hoon; Kim, Young-Gulresearcher, Asia Pacific Decision Science Annual Meeting, pp.219 - 221, 1998

Designing Financial Evaluation System of R&D Projects for Portfolio Management: A Case Study through Six Sigma Methodology

Bae, Zong-Taeresearcher; Kim, Yuchang; Cha, Ju Hyun, Asia-Pacific Decision Sciences Institute Conference, Asia-Pacific Decision Sciences Institute, 2004-07

Determinants of Intention to Use Smartphones: Testing the Moderating Role of Need for Cognition

Cho Hichang; Park Byunghoresearcher, AEJMC 2011, Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, 2011-08-12

Determinants of New Service Performance in the Telecommunications Industry

Ahn, Jae-Hyeonresearcher; Lee, Dong Joo; Lee, Sang-Youn, 2003년 한국경영과학회/대한산업공학회 춘계공동학술대회, pp.174 - 180, The Korean Operations Research and Management Science Society, 2003-05

Determinants of R&D and the Relationship between R&D Characteristics and Firm Performance

Kim, Sunghak; Kim, Bowonresearcher, 2013 INFORMS Annual Meeting, INFORMS, 2013-10-09

Developing a Conceptual Database Design Support System using Semantic Object Model

Kim, Youngsam; Lee, Hee Seokresearcher, Proceedings of KMIS, pp.705 - 726, 1995

Developing a decision support system for designing distributed database on a local area network

이희석researcher; 박영기, Proceedings of the Korean Operations Research and Management Science Society, no.2, pp.225 - 228, The Korean Operations Research and Management Science Society, 1996-01

Developing a DSS for designing distributed databases on a local area network

Lee, Heeseokresearcher; Park, Youngki, Proceedings of International Conference on Operations and Quantitative Management, 1997

Developing a Strategy Decision Model Based on the Stages of the Corporate Life Cycle: From a Balanced Scorecard Perspective

손명호; 이희석researcher, 한국지식경영학회, pp.273 - 292, 한국지식경영학회, 2001

Developing intranet hypermedia system by using scenario-based object-oriented methodology

Lee, Heeseokresearcher; Lee, Choong-Seok; Yoo, Cheon Soo; Kim, Youngwhan; Kim, Jongho; Jo, Seon-Hyung, Proceedings of KMIS, pp.169 - 180, The Korea Society of Management Information Systems, 1996-12

Developing the CALS/EC engine of the ELECTROPIA in Korea

Kim, Soung Hieresearcher; Lee, Donghoon; Jang, Kijin; Lee, Choong-Hwa, CALS Expo International & 21st Century Commerce 1998, 1998

Developing Website Quality Dimensions: A Synthesis and Application

Pang, Min-seok; Suh, Woojong; Kim, Jong-ho; Lee, Heeseokresearcher, Pan-Pacific Conference, pp.249 - 251, 2006

Development of a Corporate Strategic Planning Model Based on the Structured Modeling

박성주researcher; 조형래; 김덕현; 이양규, 대한산업공학회/한국경영과학회 춘계공동학술대회, pp.346 - 351, 한국경영과학회, 1989

Development of an Idea Categorizer for Group Decision Support System

Kim, Soung Hieresearcher; Lee, Jae Kwang; Kim, Sun Uk; Park, Hung Kook, 한국경영정보학회 춘계학술대회, The Korea Society of Management Information Systems, 1996



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