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A financial approach-based measurement of brand equity in the restaurant industry

Choi, Serin; Choi, Kyuwan; Lee, Seoki; Lee, Kyuseokresearcher, TOURISM ECONOMICS, v.23, no.7, pp.1515 - 1522, 2017-11

An adaptive successive over-relaxation method for computing the Black-Scholes implied volatility

Li, Minqiang; Lee, Kyuseokresearcher, QUANTITATIVE FINANCE, v.11, no.8, pp.1245 - 1269, 2011-08

Cross redundancy and sensitivity in DEA models

Lee, Kyuseokresearcher; Choi, Kyuwan, JOURNAL OF PRODUCTIVITY ANALYSIS, v.34, pp.151 - 165, 2010-10

Currency competition between the dollar and euro: Evidence from exchange rate behaviors

Eun, Cheol S.; Kim, Soo-Hyun; Lee, Kyuseokresearcher, FINANCE RESEARCH LETTERS, v.12, pp.100 - 108, 2015-02

External shocks and efficiency changes in the US airline industry

Jang, SooCheong; Choi, Kyuwan; Lee, Kyuseokresearcher, SERVICE INDUSTRIES JOURNAL, v.31, no.14, pp.2411 - 2435, 2011-11

Geographical Diversification, Risk and Firm Performance of US Casinos

Kang, Kyung Ho; Lee, Seoki; Choi, Kyuwan; Lee, Kyuseokresearcher, TOURISM GEOGRAPHIES, v.14, no.1, pp.117 - 146, 2012-02

Impact of brand diversification on firm performance: a study of restaurant firms

Choi, Kyuwan; Kang, Kyung Ho; Lee, Seoki; Lee, Kyuseokresearcher, TOURISM ECONOMICS, v.17, no.4, pp.885 - 903, 2011-08

The Influences of Major Currencies in Foreign Exchange Markets: A Regression-Based Measure and Its Application

Kim, Soo-Hyun; Lee, Kyuseokresearcher, INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF FINANCE, v.16, no.2, pp.277 - 289, 2016-06

아시아와 미국 주식시장 사이의 연계성 분석 = A study on the linkage between asian and US stock marketslink

소현준; So, Hyun Jun; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2015

연도 말 기관투자자의 투자행태연구: 국제펀드매니저의 일별 거래 자료를 이용한 실증연구 = The year-end trading behaviors of institutional investors: evidence from daily transaction data of international fund managerlink

편창호; Pyun, Chang Ho; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2015

자산별 위험 변화와 국가간 시장 동조화 현상이 주식.채권 수익률 관계에 미치는 영향 = The effects of asset-class risk dynamics and international market comovements on the stock-bond return relationlink

신동림; Shin, Dong Lim; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2016



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