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A case study on a personal information destruction

Cho, A.; Chae, M.; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, Far East Journal of Electronics and Communications, v.17, no.3, pp.661 - 666, 2017-06

An Alternative Approach in Analyzing the Impacts of Online Feedback System: A Bayesian Inference Model

Lee, Byungtaeresearcher; Yoo, Byungjoon, Workship on e-Business, pp.23 - 30, 2007

An Analysis of Virtual Economics in MMORPG

Lee, Byungtae; Jung, Gwangjae, 한국경영정보학회 2007년도 International Conference , pp.661 - 666, 한국경영정보학회, 2007

An Analytical and Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between Embedded Economic Systems and Performance of Virtual Worlds

Jung, Gwangejae; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher; Yoo, Byungjoon; Brynjolffson, Erik, Internation Conference on Information Systems, 2009-06-25

An economic analysis of customer selection and leveraging strategies in a market where network externalities exist

Kim, Eunjin; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS, v.44, no.1, pp.124 - 134, 2007-11

An economic analysis of the introduction of an electronic data interchange system

Barua, Anitesh; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, INFORMATION SYSTEMS RESEARCH, v.8, no.4, pp.398 - 422, 1997-12

An Economic Anaysis of CRM with Network Externalities

Kim, Eunjin; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, WISE2003, 2003

An economic model of optimal fraud control and the aftermarket for security services in online marketplaces

Shim, Seonyoung; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, ELECTRONIC COMMERCE RESEARCH AND APPLICATIONS, v.9, no.5, pp.435 - 445, 2010-09

An empirical analysis of semantic network in online crowdfunding: Evidence from Kickstarter

Kim, Jongho; Lee, Minhyung; Cho, Daegonresearcher; Lee, Byungtae, 18th International Conference on Electronic Commerce, ICEC 2016, Association for Computing Machinery, 2016-08-17

An Empirical Evidence of Winner's Curse in Electronic Auction

Metah, Kumar; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, ICIS '99 Proceedings of the 20th international conference on Information Systems , pp.465 - 471, 1999

An integrated assessment of productivity and efficiency impacts of information technology investments: Old data, new analysis and evidence

Lee, Byungtaeresearcher; Barua, Anitesh, JOURNAL OF PRODUCTIVITY ANALYSIS, v.12, no.1, pp.21 - 43, 1999-08

(An) empirical investigation on the impact of ride-sharing on taxi industry : evidence from new york city = 택시 산업에 대한 라이드쉐어링 서비스의 영향 실증분석 : 뉴욕 시 데이터를 바탕으로link

Lee, Yunseok; Lee, Byungtae; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2017

(An) empirical study of blockbuster effects on online crowdfunding : evidence from kickstarter = 크라우드펀딩 플랫폼에서의 블록버스터 효과에 관한 실증 분석link

Kim, Jong-Ho; Lee, Byungtae; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2017

(An) empirical study on the existence of the psychological barrier and its change over time in bitcoin markets = 비트코인 시장에서의 심리적 장벽 존재 및 시간에 따른 변화에 대한 실증 연구link

Lee, Sangmyung; Lee, Byungtae; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2020

Analysis of an advertisement based business model under technological advancements in fair use personal recording services

Kim, Myunsoo; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, ELECTRONIC COMMERCE RESEARCH AND APPLICATIONS, v.14, no.3, pp.169 - 180, 2015-05

Applying experimental online auctions in marketing research for multi-channel firms

Shim, Seonyoung; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS, v.37, no.3, pp.2505 - 2516, 2010-03

Are All Spillovers Created Equal? The Impact of Blockbusters and the Composition of Backers in Online Crowdfunding?

Kim, Jongho; Lee, Minhyung; Cho, Daegonresearcher; Lee, Byungtae, International Conference on Information Systems, Association for Information Systems, 2016-12-12

Are uber really to blame for sexual assault?

Park, Jiyong; Kim, Junetae; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, the 18th Annual International Conference on Electronic Commerce: e-Commerce in Smart connected World, pp.1 - 7, ACM Press, 2016-08

Build or Rent? An Economic Analysis of Electronic Mall Competition and Roles of Cyber-mediaries

Lee, Byungtaeresearcher; Cho, Hyung-rae, TELECOMMUNICATIONS REVIEW, v.12, no.6, pp.11 - 23, 2002-12

Business Strategy of Telecommunication Industry in The Ubiquitous Era

Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, TELECOM MARKETS, v.3, no.61, pp.1 - 23, 2005

Cost control and production performance enhancement by IT investment and regulation changes: evidence from the healthcare industry

Menon, NM; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS, v.30, no.2, pp.153 - 169, 2000-12

CRM and Incentives to Sharing Customer Information with Competitors

Kim, Eunjin; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher; Zhu, Kevin, WISE2005, pp.23 - 32, 2005

Customer Selection in CRM implementation: Firms' strategies in the competitive market with network externality

Kim, Eunjin; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, Proceedings of KORMS, pp.183 - 186, The Korean Operations Research and Management Science Society, 2003-11

Data driven studies on the efficacy of healthcare applications and strategies for improving user compliance with these applications = 헬스케어 어플리케이션의 효용성 검증 및 사용 증진 전략에 관한 데이터 기반 연구link

Kim, Junetae; Lee, Byungtae; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2018

Depression Screening Using Daily Mental-Health Ratings from a Smartphone Application for Breast Cancer Patients

Kim, Junetae; Lim, Sanghee; Min, Yul Ha; Shin, Yong-Wook; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher; Sohn, Guiyun; Jung, Kyung Hae; et al, JOURNAL OF MEDICAL INTERNET RESEARCH, v.18, no.8, 2016-08

Discovery and representation of causal relationships in MIS research: A methodological framework

Lee, Byungtaeresearcher; Barua, Anitesh; Whinston, Andrew B., MIS QUARTERLY, v.21, no.1, pp.109 - 136, 1997-03

Does Lower Transaction Price Attract More Customers?: An Empirical Sudy on The Short- & Long-term Impacts on Online Borkerage Services

Shim, Seoyoung; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher; Whinston, Andrew B., International Conference on Information Systems, 2008-12

e-CRM and Words of Mouth

Kim, Eunjin; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, Asian eBusiness Workshop, pp.20 - 26, 2005

E-service quality competition through personalization under consumer privacy concerns

Kim, Eunjin; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, ELECTRONIC COMMERCE RESEARCH AND APPLICATIONS, v.8, no.4, pp.182 - 190, 2009-07

Effect of self-monitoring on long-term patient engagement with mobile health applications

Lee, Kyunghee; Kwon, Hyeyon; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher; Lee, Guna; Lee, Jae Ho; Park, Yu Rang; Shin, Soo-Yong, PLOS ONE, v.13, no.7, 2018-07

Effect of smartphone brand satisfaction on the purchase of other smart devices of the same brand

Noh, Minyoung; Chae, Myungsin; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher; Yoon, Moonsoo, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SOFTWARE ENGINEERING AND ITS APPLICATIONS, v.10, no.2, pp.105 - 116, 2016

Empirical analysis of online auction fraud: Credit card phantom transactions

Lee, Byungtaeresearcher; Cho, Hyungjun; Chae, Myungsin; Shim, Seonyoung, EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS, v.37, no.4, pp.2991 - 2999, 2010-04

Empirical analysis of risk-taking behavior in IT platform migration decisions

Shim, Seonyoung; Chae, Myungsin; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, COMPUTERS IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR, v.25, no.6, pp.1290 - 1305, 2009-11

Essays on innovations and strategic dynamics on networked platform businesses = 네트워크화된 플랫폼 비즈니스의 혁신과 전략적 역학관계에 관한 연구link

Lee, Kyunghee; 이경희; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2016

Essays on structural changes and value creations in social network economy with massive user participation : platform growth, wisdom of the crowds, and demand-side globalization = 대규모 사용자 참여 소셜 네트워크 경제 내의 구조 변화 및 가치 창출에 관한 연구link

Suh, Changwoo; 서창우; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2017

Examining network externalities and network structure for new product introduction

Choi, Hanool; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & MANAGEMENT, v.13, no.3, pp.183 - 199, 2012-09

From the wisdom of crowds to my own judgment in microfinance through online peer-to-peer lending platforms

Yum, Haewon; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher; Chae, Myungsin, ELECTRONIC COMMERCE RESEARCH AND APPLICATIONS, v.11, no.5, pp.469 - 483, 2012-09

Gender Differences in Online Shopping Behavior

Park, Jooyoung; Lee, Byungtae, KMIS, pp.382 - 387, 한국경영정보학회 2007년도 International Conference, 2007

Herding behavior in online P2P lending: An empirical investigation

Lee, Eunkyoung; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, ELECTRONIC COMMERCE RESEARCH AND APPLICATIONS, v.11, no.5, pp.495 - 503, 2012-09

Impact of model driven development on software development productivity and development staff knowledge dependency = 모델기반개발방법론이 소프트웨어 개발 생산성과 개발자 지식 의존도에 미치는 영향link

Lee, Hyunkyung; 이현경; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2016

Impacts of Portal Evolutions on Web Information Ecology

Shim, Sunyoung; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, 2006 San Diego International Systems Conference, pp.15 - 23, 2006

Information technology value through different normative lenses

Lee, Byungtaeresearcher; Menon, NM, JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS, v.16, no.4, pp.99 - 119, 2000-03

Internet portals strategic utilization of UCC and Web 2.0 Ecology

Shim, Seonyoung; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS, v.47, no.4, pp.415 - 423, 2009-11

Loyalty programs and dynamic consumer preference in online markets

Lim, Sanghee; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS, v.78, pp.104 - 112, 2015-10

Measurement of Productivity and Efficiency of Information Technology in the Healthcare Industry

Lee, Byungtaeresearcher; Menon, Nirup, International Conference on Information Systems, 1996

Multi-sourcing for Multi-Period Development of IS with Incomplete Contracting

Lee, Byungtaeresearcher; Ahn, Jiae; Kaufmann, R., Internation Conference on Information Systems, 2009

Product Demand Curve Estmation Using Online Auction Data

Shim, Sunyoung; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, Asian eBusiness Workshop, pp.10 - 15, 2005

Productivity of information systems in the healthcare industry

Menon, NM; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher; Eldenburg, L, INFORMATION SYSTEMS RESEARCH, v.11, no.1, pp.83 - 92, 2000-03

Risk-Taking Decisions with Major IS Investment: System Downsizing Case

Shim, Seonyoung; Lee, Byungtae, 한국경영정보학회 2007년도 International Conference , pp.339 - 344, 한국경영정보학회, 2007

Rival precedence and open platform adoption: An empirical analysis

Shim, Seonyoung; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher; Kim, Sojung Lucia, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INFORMATION MANAGEMENT, v.38, no.1, pp.217 - 231, 2018-02

Social welfare implications of the digital divide

Kim, Eunjin; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher; Menon, Nirup M., GOVERNMENT INFORMATION QUARTERLY, v.26, no.2, pp.377 - 386, 2009-04


Kim, Eunjin; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, JOURNAL OF ORGANIZATIONAL COMPUTING AND ELECTRONIC COMMERCE, v.19, no.3, pp.153 - 172, 2009

Strategies for smart shopping in cyberspace

Ravindran, S.; Barua, A.; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher; Whinston, A.B., JOURNAL OF ORGANIZATIONAL COMPUTING AND ELECTRONIC COMMERCE, v.6, no.1, pp.33 - 49, 1996-02

Strategy for Building Initial Trust in Click-Only Online Fashion Stores

PARK, Youngjo; CHAE, Myungsin; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, JOURNAL OF ELECTRONIC SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF CHINA, v.2, no.3, pp.39 - 46, 2004-09

Supplier Selection and Allocation Strategy: An Optimal Contract Model of Supply Chain Management Implementation

Kim, Taeha; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, American Conference on Information Systems, pp.1438 - 1440, 2000

Sustainable competitive advantage of a system goods innovator in a market with network effects and entry threats

Shim, Seonyoung; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS, v.52, no.2, pp.308 - 317, 2012-01

The Deterrent Effect of Ride-Sharing on Sexual Assault and Investigation of Situational Contingencies

Park, Jiyong; Pang, Min-Seok; Kim, Junetae; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, INFORMATION SYSTEMS RESEARCH, v.32, no.2, pp.497 - 516, 2021-06

The Economics of Cybercrime: The Role of Broadband and Socioeconomic Status

Park, Jiyong; Cho, Daegonresearcher; Lee, Jae Kyuresearcher; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, ACM TRANSACTIONS ON MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS, v.10, no.4, pp.13, 2019-12

The information technology productivity paradox revisited: A theoretical and empirical investigation in the manufacturing sector

Barua, Anitesh; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FLEXIBLE MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS, v.9, no.2, pp.145 - 166, 1997-04

The Mind Behind Crowdfunding: An Empirical Study of Speech Emotion in Fundraising Success

Kim, Jongho; Cho, Daegonresearcher; Lee, Byungtae, International Conference on Information Systems, Association for Information Systems, 2016-12-12



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