Process Parameter Design with Finite Element Analysis in Sheet Metal Forming Processes

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Sheet metal forming process has taken an important role in such industries as automobiles, airplanes and electrical appliances due to its various advantages. But it is very difficult to determine the process parameters before the manufacturing because forming processes experience very complicated deformation. Such kinds of deformation are effected by process parameters such as the die geometry, the blank shape, the blank holding force, the bead force, friction and so on. Despite the importance of the process parameter determination, information yet relies on the experience and the intuition or the time-consuming computer analysis such as incremental finite element methods. In this study, an optimum process parameter determination scheme is introduced to an analysis theory of sheet metal forming process. Rigid plastic finite element analysis is used to calculate the deformation and strain states and response surface methodology is utilized for the optimization process. The validity of present algorithm is demonstrated with the simulation of the determination procedure of the equivalent draw-bead forces in a rectangular cup drawing process
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JSTP Autumn Conference, v.0, no.0, pp.171 - 172

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