Friction Characteristics of DLC and WC/CDLC와 WC/C의 마찰특성

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In this study, friction tests were performed in order to investigate the effect of sliding velocity and normal load on the friction characteristics of DLC (a-C:H) and WC/C (a-C:H:W) using a ball-on-disk type friction tester. DLC and WC/C were deposited on AISI 52100 steel balls. Friction tests against carburized SCM 415 Cr-Mo steel disks were carried out under various sliding velocity (0.1, 0.78, 1.56, 3.13, 6.25, 12.5, 25, 50 and 100 mm/s) and normal load (2.4, 4.8 and 9.6 N) conditions while the relative humidity was 20~40 % R.H. and air temperature was 16~24 ℃. As results, kinetic friction coefficients of DLC and WC/C were obtained under each test condition. The results show that the kinetic friction coefficients of DLC and WC/C generally increase with the increase in sliding velocity. And, under the same sliding velocity condition, the kinetic friction coefficients are almost constant regardless of normal load. In addition, the kinetic friction coefficients of DLC are lower than those of WC/C under the same test conditions.
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한국윤활학회지, v.27, no.6, pp.308 - 313

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