Super-Resolution 기술 기반 최초도달 신호 탐지 기술에서의 단/복수 경로 추정 기법The Singular/Plural Number Path Estimation in Super-Resolution based First Arrival Path Detection

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As GPS application area is expanded to ground navigation from flight navigation, channel environment is changed. In urban environment, the number of LOS signal is reduced and positioning performance is also degraded due to multipath environment. In this environment, precise detection of first arrival path signal is needed for high performance navigation system. DLL function based on Early-Late correlator has been used for a detection of first arrival path signal, but it works well only when LOS signal is larger than multipath signals. To solve this problem, various super-resolution techniques robust to multipath environment are developed. Nevertheless, super-resolution techniques need number of multipath in channel to estimate first arrival path. In this work, the singular/plural number path estimation technique is proposed for super-resolution based first arrival path detection.
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KGS 2012 (2012 한국위성항법시스템학회 정기학술대회)

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