CAVE 네비게이션을 위한 스마트폰 인터페이스의 개발Improvement of the Navigation Interface for CAVE using a Smartphone

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Recently, there are many researches about the construction of large scale visualization system which has arranged many general beam projectors or LCD screens as one large screen in VR field. The goal of this research is to develop the navigation interface for CAVE(Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) systems which is a kind of large scale visualization system and immersive virtual environment, using a smartphone. Several kinds of mouses, keyboards and joysticks are used for navigating virtual environment in CAVE now, but for using these devices, it should be fixed or put on the floor or other objects. This is the reason of decreasing mobility and sense of reality in the VR environment. For minimizing to install additional devices and navigating simply and intuitively, the smartphone is used in this research. The command for navigation is gotten from touch-slide action or motion of the smartphone and sent to CAVE system through wireless network, and the viewpoint of VR environment in CAVE is changed according to the command. Though this research, the intuitive interface which is suitable to CAVE system and has high mobility can be developed.
한국 CAD/CAM 학회
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2012 한국 CAD/CAM 학회 동계 학술대회

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