ARMate: An Interactive AR Character Responding to Real Objects

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In the research field of augmented reality (AR), applications using interactive characters have been developed as the form of giving users information such as LEGO assembly guidance and explanation about historical artifacts. Even though these characters respond to interaction with users, they could not create substantial effects or changes in a real space. Therefore, this limitation makes users reduce their coexistence with the AR characters. In this paper, we present an interactive AR character that directly interacts with real objects. The interactive AR character automatically determines how to behave and to control these objects. At first, we make working space populated by AR characters that has a real object with which the AR character can interact. As an interactive AR character, we implement ARMate, which presents realistic responses according to changes of real objects manipulated by a user in real time. We develop ToyCart as a physical object that includes hardware devices for movement, and ARMate can control ToyCart. Finally, we expect that our AR character can increase coexistence through real object-based interaction.
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Edutainment 2011

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