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TiCl4 / MgCl2 / THF 촉매에 의해 중합된 고밀도 폴리에틸렌의 분자량 분포 및 형태 연구

한종대; 김재하; 김일; 우성일researcher, KOREAN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH(HWAHAK KONGHAK), v.27, no.2, pp.206 - 214, 1989-01

Tin nanoparticle thin film electrodes fabricated by the vacuum filtration method for enhanced battery performance

Lee, Jae-Hyun; Kong, Byung-Seon; Baek, Youn-Kyoung; Yang, Seung-Bo; Jung, Hee-Taeresearcher, NANOTECHNOLOGY, v.20, no.23, 2009-06

TiO2 nanodisks designed for Li-ion batteries: a novel strategy for obtaining an ultrathin and high surface area anode material at the ice interface

Kim, Gonu; Jo, Changshin; Kim, Wooyul; Chun, Jinyoung; Yoon, Songhun; Lee, Jinwooresearcher; Choi, Wonyong, ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE, v.6, no.10, pp.2932 - 2938, 2013-10

TiO2/UV를 이용한 SO2와 NO2의 동시처리

이흔researcher; 전명석; 조민석; 주현규; 이태규, KOREAN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH(HWAHAK KONGHAK), v.38, no.4, pp.536 - 540, 2000-08

Tissue engineering with electrospun electro-responsive chitosan-aniline oligomer/polyvinyl alcohol

Bagheri, Babak; Zarrintaj, Payam; Samadi, Ali; Zarrintaj, Roya; Ganjali, Mohammad Reza; Saeb, Mohammad Reza; Mozafari, Masoud; et al, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES, v.147, pp.160 - 169, 2020-03

Titanium tetraisopropoxide의 열분해 반응속도

문원석; 김기영; 박승빈researcher, KOREAN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH(HWAHAK KONGHAK), v.33, no.4, pp.399 - 406, 1995-04

Titanium-iridium oxide layer coating to suppress photocorrosion during photocatalytic water splitting

Kwon, Yongwoo; Lee, Hyunjooresearcher, KOREAN JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, v.32, no.12, pp.2429 - 2433, 2015-12

TNT 처리에 관한 연구동향

이재우researcher; 박재현; 신원모, 한국군사과학기술학회지, v.19, no.1, pp.127 - 143, 2016-02

Top-down shaping of metal nanoparticles in solution: partially etched Au@Pt nanoparticles with unique morphology

Min, Minkyu; Kim, Cheonghee; Yang, Young In; Yi, Jongheop; Lee, Hyunjooresearcher, CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, v.47, no.28, pp.8079 - 8081, 2011-07

Torso RTK controls Capicua degradation by changing its subcellular localization

Grimm, Oliver; Zini, Victoria Sanchez; Kim, Yoosikresearcher; Casanova, Jordi; Shvartsman, Stanislav Y.; Wieschaus, Eric, DEVELOPMENT, v.139, no.21, pp.3962 - 3968, 2012-11

Total integrated slidable and valveless solid phase extraction-polymerase chain reaction-capillary electrophoresis microdevice for mini Y chromosome short tandem repeat genotyping

Jim, Young Tae; Lee, Dohwan; Heo, Hyung Young; Sim, Jeong Eun; Woo, Kwang Man; Kim, Do Hyunresearcher; Im, Sung Gapresearcher; et al, BIOSENSORS BIOELECTRONICS, v.78, pp.489 - 496, 2016-04

Toughened carbon fiber composites with morphology gradient

Kim, Yu Seung; Kim, Sung Chulresearcher, MACROMOLECULAR SYMPOSIA, v.118, pp.371 - 376, 1997

Toughening of carbon fiber/epoxy composite by inserting polysulfone film to form morphology spectrum

Yun, NG; Won, YG; Kim, Sung Chulresearcher, POLYMER, v.45, no.20, pp.6953 - 6958, 2004-09

Toughening of carbon fiber/thermoset composite by the morphology spectrum concept

Kim, Yu Seung; Kim, Sung Chulresearcher, POLYMER COMPOSITES, v.19, no.6, pp.714 - 723, 1998-12

Toughening of epoxy composite by dispersing polysulfone particle to form morphology spectrum

Yun, NG; Won, YG; Kim, Sung Chulresearcher, POLYMER BULLETIN, v.52, no.5, pp.365 - 372, 2004-11

Toward Systems Metabolic Engineering of Streptomycetes for Secondary Metabolites Production

Robertsen, Helene Lunde; Weber, Tilmann; Kim, Hyun Ukresearcher; Lee, Sang Yupresearcher, BIOTECHNOLOGY JOURNAL, v.13, no.1, 2018-01

Towards accurate porosity descriptors based on guest-host interactions

Paik, Dooam; Haranczyk, Maciej; Kim, Jihanresearcher, JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR GRAPHICS & MODELLING, v.66, pp.91 - 98, 2016-05

Towards managing food-web structure and algal crop diversity in industrial-scale algal biomass production

Yun, Jin-Ho; Smith, Val H.; La, Hyun-Joon; Chang, Yong Keunresearcher, Current Biotechnology, v.5, no.2, pp.118 - 129, 2016-05

Towards systems metabolic engineering of microorganisms for amino acid production

Park, JH; Lee, SangYupresearcher, CURRENT OPINION IN BIOTECHNOLOGY, v.19, no.5, pp.454 - 460, 2008-10

TPEV/Layered Silicate Nanocomposites with Dynamic Vulcanizing Process

Choi, Chang Hyoo; Kim, Min Young; Kim, Sung Chulresearcher, JOURNAL OF MACROMOLECULAR SCIENCE PART A-PURE AND APPLIED CHEMISTRY, v.47, no.5, pp.399 - 406, 2010-04



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