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New thermally cross-linkable polymer and its application as a hole-transporting layer for solution processed multilayer organic light emitting diodes

Ma, Biwu; Lauterwasser, Frank; Deng, Lan; Zonte, C. Sebastian; Kim, Bumjoonresearcher; Frechet, Jean M. J., CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, v.19, no.19, pp.4827 - 4832, 2007-09

Site Isolation in Phosphorescent Bichromophoric Block Copolymers Designed for White Electroluminescence

Poulsen, Daniel A.; Kim, Bumjoonresearcher; Ma, Biwu; Zonte, C. Sebastian; Frechet, Jean M. J., ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.22, no.1, pp.77 - 77, 2010-01



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